AC3D – beginner tutorial – creating, moving, resizing. by acorvale. Ac3D Aircraft Modeling Tutorials: Cabin Window Frame. by Narendran. I just got AC3D, hoping to expand my ability of 3D modeling. I was wondering if some one could point out a few good tutorials to start learning. Hi guys, I got several questions about the airport design in AC3D. Here is my first video tutorial aerial image background in AC3D Hope you.

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Thanks for all you work on these tutorials. I’ve also noticed that if you’re rotating objects, AC3D rotates about the geometric center of ALL the items you are rotating — so, if you rotate some objects, but then add more objects that extend beyond the original bounds of the first rotation, when you rotate it back to where you started it will rotate around a different center point.

Also tutorila I limited to the resolution of the mesh when it tutlrial to aligning it with the background image? In the model your reference point was here I circled it in red to make it clearer, it’s the small white crosshairs:.

Hi, I finished another version of the background tutorial. It’s easy to fix though: The important thing is just that, wherever the crosshairs end up on the background image in AC3D, you need to make sure the coordinates you enter in your.

I know the sunken ground problem.

As for making mistakes in video tutorials I think they are very useful, as the first timer is going to make the same ones as well as many more! In the model your reference point was here I circled it in red to make it clearer, it’s the small white crosshairs: I think this is all of them. In Rodeo’s tutroial tutorial he explained a great way to do all of this so you don’t actually have to understand exactly what tutirial reference point’s meaning really is, and that works well if you’re careful not to move your objects away from that original reference point.


AC3D tutorial – GameCreators Forum

Ac3s till i get my head around all this I would love it if one day we could tee up a time together and can have a one on one lesson on how to do this, I can give you access to my pc so i can follow what you are doing and see how things happen, happy to pay for this service. Hi Clayton, That looks good so far.

The pink lines those are the normals should come ‘up’ from tugorial runway, not point below it. This was definitely the most difficult thing I encountered with the runway I modeled.

If only I didn’t have a job I’d be onto this right now. There were quite a few things I changed, so I tried to keep a list as I went. I also tried using the Boolean operations and the knife command after extruding the cutting surfaces, as well as the fill holes command, and none of them could quite make this work without other issues.

AC3D Tutorial Movies

I’ve read it a few times and am trying to follow it now. Yep, you’re correct on what I meant by “innermost vertices. You will end up with a triangular surface mesh that connects the all the vertices, meaning you will need to then do a shift-select to grab all the ones where your runway is and delete them to create the cutout. I’m trying to determine what the variance is.

Even if you’re really careful with your rotations when modeling the airport, you might end up with the reference point shifted to a different location after the final rotation to align your airport so that North points to the right. I figured out the reference point and placed the reference point into the airport tsc file, i ran fset and got the texture file into ac3d and also obtain the sq metres area from fset, i converted the nautical miles from fset to metres that gave me 1.

Hi Clayton, I got it working for you.

So if you have several contiguous areas like I did, you’ll have to repeat this operation on all of them. So when you’re all done modeling your airport and you rotate it before exporting, the north direction of your airport needs to point to the right in AC3D.


I tried that but nothing showed up. When you’re modeling your airport, tuotrial the background to any direction that makes it easy to place your mesh and shapes. Note that I made a mistake at the very beginning — I still had “select through” enabled, and when I intended to select the surface under my mouse cursor, it for some reason selected a surface off-screen and I didn’t notice.

It does get a bit tricky, but I think I have tried just about every possible way of doing this now and this seemed to be best unless your runway geometry is very simple: Perhaps I was doing something gutorial, but I always ended up with really tiny gaps between the ‘outer area’ and the runway which created open slivers when loaded into the game. Again, it seems confusing but it’s actually very simple. I hope that wasn’t too confusing. We will improve the ‘video tutorials’ section over time but I wanted to get it up there as a start.

I must have had it confused with something I read in a different tutorial. It’s not as good as the stuff Rodeo makes and there’s no audio, but hopefully it helps: The video is great, but i’m strugg Iing with where it fits into the workflow. Here is my first video tutorial aerial image background in AC3D.

As you can see the runway is as per the background image, image sourced from fset but when i put it in the sim it is not overlaid under the original runway, see pictures yutorial few posts up. Let me explain the reference point thing a little further–I think once you understand its purpose and how it works, tutroial will be easier to deal with.

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