Familia: Fabaceae Subfamilia: Mimosoideae Tribus: Acacieae Genus: Acacia Species: Acacia raddiana. Name[edit]. Acacia raddiana Savi. References[edit]. Acacia raddiana is a short desert tree with an impressive umbrella shape: a single non-branched trunk, which at a certain height ( meters) suddenly branches. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , E. Le Floc’h and others published Acacia raddiana, un arbre des zones arides à usages multiples.

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Often, the water reserves in their large rhizosphere enables blooming with no local rain showers and then they bear minute leaves Fig. The Acacias bloom in Israel according to the climatic rhythm of their origin area. DesertThermophilous plants Chorotype: Acacia trees were given preferential treatment: Summary [ edit ] Description Acacia raddiana in Bouhedma – Fruits.

Before suggesting possible future research topics that arise from the results of the studies described in this book, there follows a summary of the main results obtained. As a whole, while displaying equal water potential, the strains were more resistant to water stress than to salinity.

Acacia gum is used as an emulsifier in food, a binder for watercolour painting, an additive to ceramic glazesa binding in gum bichromate photographya protective layer in the lithographic processes and as a binder to bind together fireworks.

Hayne Mimosa tortilis Forssk.

Twisted acacia : allergenic

The fruit is a curled legumen. Vegetation of Israel and Neighboring Countries.

It also involves multidisciplinary research. The pods and foliage, which grow prolifically on the tree, are used as fodder for desert grazing acafia. The hardened sap of various species of the acacia tree are known as acacia gum. The resin that drips from desert Acacia trees was used by the ancients as medicine, and is called gummi arabicum Arabic gum. There are several nectaries on the leaf axis. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last raddoana on 6 Decemberat Wikispecies has information related to Vachellia tortilis.


Acacia honey is not collected from plants qcacia the acacia family, but rather from Robinia pseudoacaciaknown as black locust in North America. They were the trees from which the Tabernacle and some of its utensils were made: See more from the Botanic Library.

Acacia raddiana blooms mainly from October to December, also in March-April. In addition radciana ‘artificially constructed’ systems – which are neither sustainable nor reproducible – also create management problems.

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Acacia raddiana Evaluation and Outlook

Shakryl, Advances in Legume Systematics: Part 4, The Fossil Record, Ed. This specific stratification of soil water stocks helps explain why the phenological cycle matches the rainy season in Senegal. HaynePurdue University, December According to studies acacoa Gideon Halevy and his colleagues, conducted in Israel and Africa, seeds that passed the intestinal raddiwna of goats, gazelles, ibex, hyrax may germinate.

The model described in this book is Acacia tortilis subsp.

The populations of the taxon display considerable genetic variability partly explained by polyploidy. However the implementation of these options runs into difficulties on the one hand due to lack acqcia knowledge of the species, and, on the other, the need to identify, characterise, and model the complex dynamic interactions within the ecosystems concerned.

It is true that the genetic study of qcacia species is hampered by its polyploidy, which underlines the need for improvement of genetic models that are suitable for the interpretation of tetrapoloid markers.

It is also used to tan hides and the gum it produces eaten.

Mimosoideae in Africa, including new combinations in Vachellia and Senegalia “. Retrieved 17 November The findings concerning the quasi-irreversible degradation of ecosystems north and south of the Sahara are widely accepted. Australian botanists proposed that this would be more disruptive than setting raddisna different type species A. Honey collected from Caragana arborescens is sometimes also called yellow acacia honey.


Acacia raddiana

Gum from the tree is edible and can be used as Gum Arabic. Views Read Edit View history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The use of clones could considerably help this selection process. This image was uploaded as part of Wiki Loves Earth Additional information Acacia raddiana is a short desert tree with an impressive umbrella shape: Among these species, leguminous trees and herbaceous species are of particular interest thanks to their double capacity to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide and atmospheric nitrogen, which makes them models of choice in programmes for the rehabilitation of ecosystems and sustainable development.

Botanist Les Pedley named this group Racospermawhich was inconsistently adopted. The genus was first described from Africa by C.

Mimosoideae in Africa, including new combinations in Vachellia and Senegalia “. Nonetheless, the camel succeeds in sticking its lips between the thorns and biting the leaves.

File:Acacia raddiana in Bouhedma – Fruits.jpg

Acacia Study Group Newsletter Researchers in different special fields arising from ecology, eco-physiology, genetics, microbiology, entomology and forestry combined forces to clarify the taxonomy and identify the geographical distribution of this species, to analyse the diversity both of the plant host and of the associated micro-organisms, to characterise its mode of functioning and its interactions in the natural environment in response to water and nitrogen raaddiana, and thus to bring together the elements required for its use in rehabilitation actions.

Large-scale reforestation programmes have already been implemented to stop land degradation. Gazelles feed on fallen fruits.