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This function prevents the MCU from being stuck in an abnormal condition. Stack Pointer The CPU has an 8-bit-wide register indicating the location in the stack to be accessed push or pop when a subroutine call or interrupt occurs. The oscillation frequency could be varied up to 8.

If you have better express service comapny. Program memory can be read only.

For More details,please feel feel to contact us: Watchdog enable or disable option. Products described herein are intended for use in normal commercial applications. Port B Key scan select register. PWM driving current selected bits.


Envelope flag showing whether envelope exist or not. These reset sources can be concluded as external events and internal events. Stresses beyond those given in the Absolute Maximum Rating table may cause operational errors or damage to the device. Our company as as professionla Electronic wholesaler for several years fast developing have already. Wireless Remote ControlProduct Type: Timer A low byte 8-bit pre-value for the counter.

Timer B is special for The envelope signal generation in IR controller application. Meanwhile, the built-in IR transfer module can make IR control and usage aad009. The interrupt frequency can be freely selected by selecting different clock source and configuring the low-byte register and high-byte low-nibble register with different values.

Figure Two types of clock sources 5. Data memory that contains bytes of RAM including 30 area can be read and written.

PWM output in no carrier signal mode with driver current programmable? BCS aa B0 2 2 C Contrary, this Figure Status register? X Transfer X-register to sp: This function prevents MCU from working at an invalid operating voltage range.

All of the control are not implemented on the chip. Fast production and delivery. Port B Data value. Using an Etekcity self-learning out When Timer A sd009 started, the value of 8-bit cycle width frequency set register would firstly be loaded into the 8-bit counter and the value of 8-bit high pulse width duty set register would be loaded into the compare unit. And then the counter starts count down from the loaded value. Timer B High byte 4-bit pre-value for the counter.


Then enable Timer B and select Timer A carrier signal as its input clock. We usually ship via Global express company: BVC aa 50 2 2 C Port D Key scan select register.

A3121New Electronci component AD009-03

The GND line of all these voltage stabilize intention capacitors should be pull af009 power source separately divided from chip GND line. These port pins may be multiplexed with an alternate function for the peripheral features on the device. This register indicates the address of next instruction to be executed.