my analysis of Arbitrage, a kaisoo fanfic by fumerie. If anyone has not yet read the monstrosity that is Arbitrage please go and read it NOW. After you have. arbitrage, fumerie akiirameta. kaisoo fanfic rec – graphics. arbitrage // anterograde tomorrow // what a beautiful mess this is // waxing & waning: two moons. also message me if you’re interested in a chinese translation. I only finished transla | Tags: kaisoo livejournal analysis mindblown arbitrage.

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Showroom-perfect pristine super cars, the ultimate dreams of luxury and modern day self-worth, withering away in private garages and back parking lots. He enjoys telling this story. We never learn what becomes of Kyungsoo. I looked them up so I could better visualize everything and better understand the characters it was arnitrage really how well the cars correspond to the characters.

They lend Kyungsoo a yellow Hyundai Tuscani while his car is in the shop. That’s why we’ve been looking for a new recruit, a good drifter. Kyungsoo is starting to suspect he’s the only one who actually does any work around here. He’s one of those people who can’t stop talking when there’s another person in the same enclosed space. Sehun’s already got a number of good bets going for the night. Kyungsoo walks over to the car, leaning against it, going over his options.

They’re racing with civilians kqisoo.

Most popular EXO fanfic? (Don’t click if you don’t like yaoi fanfic)

Kyungsoo leads him to the couch, making him lie down face-up, prone and quiet as Kyungsoo cleans up in the kitchen. And I’m sure you make enough money to live somewhere better than this dump.


He points at the umbrella under the other’s arm. To backtrack a little, it is the normal Kyungsoo who first talks to Kai about time-traveling crashes. He turns on all the lights and alarm system, hits the gas pedal, and lets kaizoo car slide down to its death, noises blaring and lights flashing, tearing apart the night.

Some may disagree, but rarely have I seen such arbitage talented writers in any fandom before. Kyungsoo feels his heartbeat pound loud in his chest, the rush of adrenaline still surging through his blood stream, sending tingles down his fingertips. Anterograde tomorrow 94 votes [ Kai jumps up when the door clicks open. Then there is the last Kyungsoo, Kyungsoo Wilcard, who crashed the ferrari with Kai and has been thrown back eight months. This is the beauty of it – the entire story itself is a loop.

Hasty lunch dates in the glass towers by the Han river. I keep telling him to give us the parts to sell before he crashes. His face hurts when his skin drags against the asphalt as he twitches and struggles to pull himself away from the ground. Nothing ever changes much around here.

[exo] Arbitrage (1/3)

Also maybe some of this stuff is really obvious. There is no dramatic fire or explosion, just a crushed metal wreckage lying broken and cold on the road in the kaisooo Seoul morning. He takes the green bus from the stop down the corner of the street. Oh, and they’re not closing the roads tonight. Food runs out faster. Tell them I say hi. Stay put while I go bang my head against a wall. There’s a vacant flat next to his right now, maybe Kyungsoo could take a look. There was a firetruck coming and everything.

There’s only another customer in the shop. Good drivers are a dime a dozen, you need someone a little out of control.


He only saw the guy for a few brief moments squished between Chanyeol’s arms and half-blocked by Lu Han’s Skyline, but he recognises the way those wide eyes take over half of his face, making him look half terrified, arhitrage bewildered.

He’s good, but teamwork is hard when no one ever knows where he is. If he looks really closely, he might even see some silver flecks from the Jaguar. Kyungsoo does a double-take at the sight aritrage Baekhyun – he looks like an entirely different person with his hair swept up and metal rings adorning his knuckles.

This theory is more accurately called arbbitrage many-worlds interpretation. It actually helped me get a more clear understanding on the story. Kyungsoo surreptitiously curls his hands against his thighs, as if he could claw the shivery feeling out from under his skin.

Most popular EXO fanfic? (Don’t click if you don’t like yaoi fanfic) – Fanfiction – OneHallyu

He slams the car door closed to the sound of everyone clapping and whistling at him. The pavement feels wet and cold under his fingertips. Cushions neatly placed on the couch as if it’s never been touched.

Don’t click if you don’t like yaoi fanfic Started by jebinMar 05 The rubber and metal mass screech loudly against the concrete over the sound of the engine. The arbitragd Audi zips past ahead of them smoothly for half a quarter mile before the dark green Genesis catches up, sliding in between Sehun and the silver Mercedes.