Biefeld-Brown effect is not understood. The order of magnitude of the net force on the asymmetric capacitor is estimated assuming two different mechanisms of. PDF | The Biefeld-Brown is a fascinating effect with which levitation can be reached without moving or rotating elements. Static voltage is. Biefeld-Brown effect Lifter. «on: 03/15/ AM». Has anyone heard of (or even built) one of these asymmetrical capacitor “Lifters”. I just saw a story on it.

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The whole apparatus is setup in an underground chamber below a large climate controlled laboratory. The Biefeld—Brown effect is an electrical phenomenon that produces an ionic wind that transfers its momentum to surrounding neutral particles.

I can’t believe something like this hasn’t been known or throughly studied by some propulsion type group. This page was last edited on 13 Decemberat Below the glow discharge region, the breakdown voltage increases again, whilst the number of potential ions decreases, and the chance of impact lowers.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Built the HV power supply from plans and parts from Information Unlimited, and rigged it up with a joystick so it was maneuverable around the room though it had an umbilical for the power. Patent 3, — was granted to G.

Notes from the Rabbit Hole 3: Such a scaling of the signal with mass biefed be indicative of a gravitational signature. It is likely that the reason for this is that at very low pressures, only experiments which used very large voltages produced positive results, as a product of a greater chance of ionization of the extremely limited number of available air molecules, and a greater force from each ion from Broen Law; experiments which used lower voltages have a lower chance of ionization and a lower force per ion.


It is a very good explaination, complete with simulation animations: From the 1st of Feb. As air pressure is removed from the system, several effects combine to reduce the force and momentum available to the system.

The basic Biefeld-Brown effect is quite simple. To reach that conclusion, Feigel began by addressing a long-standing controversy in electrodynamics: In fields ofvolts per meter and 17 tesla—which can be created in the lab—the material should move at a rate of 50 nanometers per second, Feigel says, which should be measurable.

Brown believed that his large, high voltage, high capacity capacitors produced an electric field strong enough to marginally interacted with the Earth’s gravitational pull, a phenomenon he labeled electrogravitics.

So, with abalative laser propulsion, you can get a SSTO LV and your major vehicle costs is bjefeld laser system borwn the ground which, unlike most reusable LV systems, dosn’t have to be fished out the ocean This leads to a Coulomb force and change of momentum so small as to be zero.

Misinterpretation of Corona Wind Phenomena”. Retrieved from ” https: To get to higher speeds, you need to operate this at higher voltages.

Biefeld–Brown effect – Wikipedia

Usually, two electrodes are used with a high voltage between them, ranging from a few kilovolts and up to megavolt levels, where one electrode is small or sharp, and the other larger and smoother. That’s not to say something like this is completely unfeasiable; Dr.

As part of a study inU. TO suggest they work in a near vacuum, tut tut. Charles Berlitz devoted an entire chapter of his book The Philadelphia Experiment to a retelling of Brown’s early work with the effect, implying he had discovered a new electrogravity effect and that it was being used by UFOs. The sample mass and the capacitor are placed inside a measurement cell filled with high purity nitrogen gas.

Biefeld-Brown effect

The effect of inhomogenous electric fields i. I just saw a story on it, and never had even known of the concept. Ning Li claimed a practical way to produce antigravity effects.


If it is, this would be worthwhile since it doesn’t use any fuel. VP of International Spaceflight Museum – http: Some say its just an “ion thrust”, or air draft caused by electrostatics The article also mentioned the “gravitator,” an invention by Brown which produced motion without the use of electromagnetism, gears, propellers, or wheels, but instead using the principles of what he called “electro-gravitation. Given internal ion engines need a near vacuum to work in as well, the only difference is that a lifter could theoretically use the proton flow of the solar wind if its electrostatic field could be strong and large enough much like the magnetoplasma sail depends on solar wind as well.

However, this effect works using either polarity for the electrodes: Retrieved 20 June Look its this simple: However, the thrust generated by such high potential capacitors has been minimal and thus this phenomenon has had very limited practical utility: At the same time, the number of impacts between ionized and neutral particles is reduced.


The Parallel Universe of T. If the electric field pointed up and the magnetic field pointed north, then virtual photons of a given energy traveling east would have a different momentum from those traveling west. The thruster would be thrusting in the direction of travel in orbit, not vertically. Around the same time inresearchers from the Army Research Laboratory ARL tested the Biefeld—Brown effect by building four different-sized asymmetric birfeld based on simple designs found on the Internet and then applying a high voltage of around 30 kV to them.