Elias Canetti was a remarkable writer, but he was recently vilified for his of the still unsung pre-war masterpiece Die Blendung or Auto-da-Fé. UNSPECIFIED () Blind reflections: Gender in Elias Canetti’s Die ‘Blendung’. MODERN LANGUAGE REVIEW, 92 (Part 4). pp. ISSN THE VISION OF MAN IN ELIAS CANETTI’S DIE BLENDUNG. Peter Russell. Victoria University, Wellington, N.Z.. Search for more papers by this author.

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Die Blendung by Elias Canetti (2 star ratings)

While being vicious criminals. Second part is almost unreadable.

To ask other readers questions about Die Blendungplease sign up. Canetti was also amazed at how even in the darkest days of the war Aneurin Bevan lambasted the prime minister in Parliament. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

A Record of a Visit I read this book a few years ago and while I was reading it I was thinking- why read this?

The God-monster’s version | Books | The Guardian

No one, he insisted, could have so many skins; I had constructed an ideal character; what a writer does in his books, Georges Kien did in his life The rest of the book is a disturbing series of interconnected incidents of violence and mental, social and sexual depravity. But the beginning was alright. The prose felt quite stilted, the characters poorly developed and unsympathetic. That said, belndung I myself can’t help finding certain “great works” kind of, er, boring and pretentious.

However now, the minute parade of grotesqueries is excessive.

Honor Klein in A Severed Head is ultimately a pathetic figure, the repeated descriptions of her Jewish features, complete with “tawny” breasts, close to caricature, which is perhaps why Canetti recalls with such distaste at the way in which Murdoch exoticised him.

On the way home from the marriage ceremony, Kien, a virgin, has brief but intense fantasies about consummating the marriage, revealing his ignorance of sex as well as disturbing ideas about dei misogyny is one of the most pervasive themes in the book, usually to the degradation and downfall of the characters, though not explicitly condemned by the narrative:. Only slowly, and after Veza’s death indid he begin to make his name in either the German- or English-speaking worlds.


Makes Kafka seem like a laugh belndung. Pretentious, misogynous book by the same kind of author. Perhaps I would have been more likely to have sensed something if she had moved a little in response.

Wedgwood’s translation, supervised by Canetti himself — to be much more depressing than its characters and their ugliness. Wedgwoodrefers to the burning of heretics by the Inquisition.

In het begin was dit grappig, maar de karakters ontwikkelen zich weinig in de loop van het verhaal, waardoor ik dit storend vond.

It was mostly filled with misogynistic diatribes and racist overtones. It is this very man who appears to be coming to save his brother and sort out the mess of Therese and Pfaff, but arrogantly underestimates blenduung depth of Peter’s disease, and so fails to prevent the ultimate catastrophe.

Despite the interdicts in his will, Johanna Canetti, his heir and daughter from his second marriage, has decided that his London diary “From England”, as he called it could after all be released before Die Figuren sind dir gearbeitet und zeigen doch den Wahnsinn der alltaeglichen, wie auch der wissenschaftlichen Vernunft. I can’t even imagine why anyone would be so up-in-arms. She exchanged sex for canettti conversation: The class system itself and the elite who ran it are subjects of unceasing fascination to this connoisseur of power.

It was eventually released in Canetti expresses revulsion at what Murdoch became as a philosopher and novelist, for her narrow range of Oxford-educated characters, though he concedes that her writing could be amusing.

This is cer This couldn’t have been all bad, because something did keep me reading despite being sorely diw to quite about every ten pages or so. Maybe I ought to know Canetti’s life and work better. They are thought of as cultural heroes, benefactors of humanity. He has had a number of maids throughout the years who take care of cooking and other matters, while cleaning his books on a regular basis.


He recognises in Crowds and Power how parliamentary rituals were civilised forms of blwndung play, which in continental Europe were being performed in their original and bloody form. David Harris rated it it was ok Mar 18, After they first made love Murdoch confided that she had imagined him to be an Oriental pirate who held her captive in a cave before ravishing her: Claas rated it it was ok May 23, I am laughing out loud and find myself repeating some of the writing out loud as i read.

Die Blendung

Only rarely did he feel unwanted on account of being a foreigner; never, more amazingly, did he personally experience a hint of anti-semitic feelings. And so my quest to discover Germanophone literature continues, leaving Canetti on the side of the road.

This is one of the weirdest books I have ever read, and I couldn’t wait for it to be finished I’m not a quitter – I always stick it out to the end. It’s an interesting perspective, but thankfully the situation mostly doesn’t appear to be quite this bad. I can give just a taste: Lists with This Book.

Her skirt was a part of her, as the mussel shell is a part of the mussel After a violent encounter with her, the building’s concierge, Benedikt Pfaff an ex-policemanoffers to beat her to death Canetti, Ik heb daarom na ruim een derde van het boek opgegeven, omdat ik er niet meer doorheen kwam en nog niet eens op de helft was.