Title, Last Updated, Size (Kb). V trial DNNX (instructions in pdf files), 3/ 23/, 20,, Download. Copyright CATALooK Terms Of Use. posted by CATALooK – 3/1/ CATALooK Active Since 2/8/ . and per- item based shipping cost; Define manual shipping rates; Digital delivery; Rate. The manual explains everything. The tabs under the product edit have all the functionalities you need. share improve this answer. answered Sep 2 ’15 at .

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Always up to date with the latest DNN Don’t use the following function: Real Time Shipping Rates, shipping rates by weight, price, I haven’t found any advantages of this module!

The store has so much functionality and caralook it can be difficult to set up, however they have included an extensive user manual and great support. Problem is the user cayalook was first written in German than translated to English and the manual makes no sense.

Colors Genres Types Singles Packs. Just with some skinning tasks or The difference between the trial and the purchased developer version is that the trial version will randomly display a copyright message, advising the user that he is using a trial version.

Vat number manuak Wishlist: Show More I was able to get it up and running in about 4 hours. If you get that right then everything else should fall into place. You will see toggle switches when you look into menu’s etc. I was able to get it up and running in about 4 hours. Forums Search Unanswered Active Topics.


The buyer doesn’t actually need PayPal account but can just use any major credit card at PayPal upon checking out.

You need to create a new rentable or configurable product. It takes time to learn catalok to setup, but this is only because of the high number of features available. In additionout of the box it is full featured. Best of all, support from the author is practically unparalleled, even by major commercial publishers.

Good product if you can get it set up with all the options and tricky bits. About the Store Media. Show More The functionality of this package is excellent; while documentation is a bit on the lean side, most everything is straightforward and easy to figure out.

CATALooK.netStore v.7.1.3 – eCommerce solution

Module Watch Category: Overwhelming to start with but after reading the manual I eventually got through it The developers are highly responsive and continually improving the shop system.

From what I have seen thus far, the system can be adapted to suite almost any busines model. You don’t need to remove any files from the folders before you create the ZIP files even if there are no references to the files in the changed dnn files. Show More I cant recommend these guys enough. Show More Great Store, great customer service. The standard category could be anything you like.

We are using latest catalook version 6. Is there a source that would give us instructions for the sql coding if we were to go that route?

E-mail configuration > Catalook Support

You would then assign multiple advanced categories to each book. Responses were timely and accurate. Can anyone assist me to move forward for configuring online reservation system using catalook module?


Designed for the developer, it is fully customizable and skinable also offers option to purchase with source code. They were manuual to resolve every issue I had including email problems and skinning.

This will result in many problems. We generally recommend that questions are catxlook marked as urgent here, since all readers are volunteers, and they tend to answer at their leisure. Amazing value you can pay easily twice as much and not get half of what Catalook has to offer.

Jay You can find the formulas in the manual. Many field help texts are not visible. Supports one page and step by step checkout Payment Methods: With this module you can address any type of dynamic website with any business model type.

dotnetnuke – Hotel Booking Integration Using Catalook – Stack Overflow

Catalookk FedEx label printing Feedback module: If you try to update a version before the v Specify tax rates for countries, regions, cities, ZIP match codes and products. I was able to figure out the product in an caalook. Email merchant on order. Thread was being aborted’ or ‘ThreadAbortException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Settings are complex and need some improvement, perhaps hiding most “advanced functions” until clients understand and willing to drill through extra features is more desirable.