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CONTAINED IN THIS PRESENTATION. PAST PERFORMANCE IS Capital allocation: Bill Ackman, Pershing Square. • The business has JCP operates 1, department stores in 49 states and PR. • JCP owns of its. Now, courtesy of the WSJ Deal Journal, is Bill Ackman’s slideshow presentation on JCP from the event. Entitled “Think Big”, Ackman examines. Bill Ackman’s hedge fund Pershing Square Capital Management held its Ackman’s thesis on JCP can be summed up in the points below.

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Ackman’s thesis on JCP can be summed up in the points below: The Dream Team CEO Ron Johnson assembled a group of executives at JCPenney whose resumes were filled with all kinds of accomplishments at successful companies, some of them even retail.

How to Fail in Business While Really, Really Trying | Fortune

Internally the changes were hitting hard. Bill ackman s thesis is the most easily falsified bearthesis i have seen from a major hedge fund ever.

As staffers pitched their corporate junk, they were invited to select a few replacement items with acckman new logo in exchange. The new JCP would have virtually none.

His write ups of J. So hands-off in many realms, the CEO would become intensely hands-on when it came to marketing. Documents similar to jc penney group project v 2. Would it work for mattress pads and pantyhose? What this has deservedly become is the story about how bill ackman can be so wrong. The press had turned against him. Ullman had called Rpesentation about a director position a few years back, but Johnson had rebuffed him. It stars a charismatic leader bent on radical change and features a failed attempt to Apple-ize Penney, a mission that ended up being every bit as crazy as it sounds.

Try a valid symbol or a specific company name for relevant results. The news sparked euphoria, but conspicuously absent from the media coverage was any mention of how Johnson planned to save this faltering retailer in a fading industry. There were margarita bars, live bands, and caramel apples mounted on long poles. Bill ackman pershing square capital management at last weeks ira sohn conference, pershing square capital managements bill ackman gave an indepth presentation to back up his bullish case for j.

A conservative group, One Million Moms, threatened a boycott. Many things stand out from that presentation in that Ackman and anyone else hopeful of a better future for Presentattion might have viewed differently. It was a malicious attack on herbalifes business model based largely on outdated, distorted and inaccurate information.

That would have been a smart move. There was at least one upside. This time around, we’ve got rationale direct from Pershing Square.

Southpole, a clothing brand that appealed primarily to black and Hispanic customers, was dropped. Inside Penney, the conflict started almost instantly. Once again, note how what i said came true, despite the bullishness and nonsense perpetrated by bill ackman, presentatiin leaders and the ackman shills. Johnson then ushered the directors into the next room, which was white, tastefully austere, and had a celestial serenity: The new JCP would feature a much higher percentage of branded merchandise — modern, higher-end, youth-oriented — compared with house brands.

Most startling was the man chosen to replace him: January 12, this is another repubished article that i wrote last august. Low q1 earnings conference call transcript fool. Even when competitors began to pull out of the decline, Penney lagged. In theory, the cube was a giant time capsule, and the old Penney would be buried exactly where, nobody said.

BA CASE ANALYSIS – JCPENNEY by Marie Javier on Prezi

His effort on General Growth Properties was one of the best investments that I had ever seen. The transformation had started with a single phone call a bit more than a year before.

He had a vision of a new type of store — a destination rather than simply a repository for product. The outgoing CEO noted in a regular update to the board that the new CEO had not asked a single question about how the business was currently running.

Its roots can be traced back to the seminal work of adolf berle and gardiner means in the. In reality, it jcpenjey a stylized, transparent dumpster. Its shares prssentation hurtling downward. Why did Roth bail out? Newer Post Older Post Home.

Be a global citizen.

Says one executive brought in by Johnson: But it was a venerable company withemployees and 1, stores. The company website, reintegrated with the stores, again became a major contributor and helped make up for still-anemic in-store sales. Bill ackman is the founder of hedge fund for persian square capital management lp.


Book Source: Digital Library of India Item : C E ioned. Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice [Charles Edward Callwell] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the American war in Vietnam. : Small Wars Their Principles and Practice (): Colonel C.E. Callwell: by Colonel C.E. Callwell (Author) . Charles Edward.

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But it is not to be regarded as laying down inflexible rules for guidance, or as an expression of official opinion on the subjects of which it treats.

Small Wars Their Principles And Practice

Then, as the supplies carried in these trains are consumed, they are made good, partly from what can be obtained from the theatre of war, and partly by the empty transport moving back to fixed supply magazines for replenishment.

It may be impossible to tow barges from the bank. Obviously, therefore, it is often of vital importance in the conduct of such operations that the army should be as short a time as possible away from its base, and that the troops should be kept back while the supplies are pushed ahead under the escort of the smallest force which can safely be entrusted with the duty.

And it must be added that the supply difficulties were enormously increased by the lateness of the start, by the unfortunate postponement in deciding on the despatch of the expedition. Another and altogether different kind of enemy has been met with at times in Morocco, in Algeria, and in Central Asia. The primary object of this expedition was the capture of the Sultan’s capital and stronghold Kota Raja.

In the meantime most of the troops were held back below Wadi Halfa up to the last possible moment, although a small force had to be pushed on to protect the supply depots and secure the line to Korti. When the capital is a place of real importance in the country its capture generally disposes of regular opposition. Upon the organization of armies for irregular warfare valuable information is to be found in many instructive military works, official and non-official.

Supply both of food and of water is in reality merely a matter of calculation. It comprises the expeditions against savages and semi-civilised races by disciplined soldiers, it comprises campaigns undertaken to suppress rebellions and guerilla warfare in all parts of the world where organized armies are struggling against opponents who will not meet them in the open field, and it thus obviously covers operations very varying in their scope and in their conditions.

It often occurred in the later days of the South African War ofwhen the straggle had degenerated into guerilla warfare that, at the cost of vast trouble and accompanied by an imposing escort, a convoy would be sent out into the heart of some district far from the railway. But campaigns for the subjugation of insurrections, for the repression of lawlessness, or for the pacification of territories conquered or annexed stand on a very different footing.

Experience shows that in small wars very great distances have often to be traversed through barren arid districts, where the soil is not cultivated, where no sheep or cattle are to be found, where a scanty population subsists on food unsuited for European soldiery, and where no forage for horses or mules exists.

The Achin river similarly aided the Dutch in their second expedition against the Achin Sultanate. But all that has been said in this chapter with regard to the peculiar conditions as to intelligence which prevail in small wars must be understood to be applicable only generally. Supply in fact is largely dependent cbarles the nature of the route which the force is following, and if the route is very bad or very narrow the commissariat service is apt to suffer in proportion.

In Algeria the French were incessantly despatching expeditions against the Kabyles which could effect nothing because the enemy disappeared. But let that not detract from the richness of military theory and historical insight to be found in the pages of Small Wars. The Italians appear to have altogether under-estimated chales fighting capacity and the numerical strength of King Meneleck’s army before the battle of Adowa.

Small Wars by Colonel C E Callwell : a Military Times Classic – Military History Monthly

Recent wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Chechnya, Somalia, Lebanon, Gaza, and elsewhere are putting a premium on anti-guerrilla doctrine. Had this been known at the time of attack and all available troops been launched against it, it is quite possible that the place would have fallen and that a most important success would have been achieved.

Callwell’s analysis, the sweep of his knowledge, and his ability to integrate information from an impressive variety of experiences resulted in Small War’s reputation as a minor classic.

The relieving troops had been assured of water at the foot of an important pass; but on reaching the spot designated none was found: But instead of keeping the bulk of his army west of the Caspian Sea while supplies were collecting. The enemy is generally fully alive to the importance of destroying the water supply, which can easily be done in the case of scattered wells; in the Mohmund campaign ofthe hill men broached their tanks, and this was one of the chief difficulties General Elles had to contend with.

The Gurkha scouts attacking above Thati. Hoche, whose conduct of the campaign against the Chouans and insurgents from La Vendee will ever remain a model of operations of this kind, achieved success as much by his happy combination of clemency with firmness, as by his masterly dispositions in the theatre of war.

The army performed its task of penetrating into Tirah, and of leaving its mark in the usual manner by the demolition of buildings and destruction of crops.

But the French experiences in Algeria, and the Callwrll experiences in Afghanistan, show that these irregular, protracted, indefinite operations offer often far greater difficulties to the regular armies than the attainment of the original military objective. Of late years it has become the practice at the head-quarters of all regular armies to study the strength and organization of other countries in view of chales eventualities, and to collect information as to, and to prepare plans of, theatres of war which may some day take place.

Small Wars: Their Principles and Practice – C. E. Callwell – Google Books

The massacre of a few settlers, the capture of some small defensive post, the banding together of a few parties of armed and angry men, does not constitute a seizure of the initiative in its military sense.

Nothing could, indeed, more clearly show the fatal effects of a failure to grasp the essential principles of supplying an army operating in a desert country, and of a defective organization of the commissariat and transport services, than the fact that only 1, fighting men out of the original force of over 16, could be assembled for the one battle of the campaign – the disastrous assault on Denghil Tepe.

The French troubles in Algeria after its conquest were due to a failure to appreciate for many years the class of warfare upon which they were engaged. This page was last edited on 9 Julyat Organization they had little or none; but in their own fashion they resisted obstinately in spite of this, and the campaigns against them gave the regular troops much trouble.

The engagement at Kailua as example of active defence. Shortly afterwards, however, a column of troops marching. Sekukuai’s and Morosi’s mountains are examples of this, and their capture put an immediate end to the campaign in each case. The enemy has no organized intelligence department, no regular corps of spies, no telegraphs callwel and yet he knows perfectly well what is going on.

The force was now in desperate straits from want of water and had to retire to seek it, abandoning everything. But this is especially well illustrated by the French campaign against Dahomey in There is, moreover, another peculiarity which is very generally found in the antagonists with whom the organized forces in small wars have to cope.

No fort existed, and the place was destitute of sjall importance whatever, military or other. The greater part of the distance to be traversed was practically free of any formidable hostile force. The case of the Indian Mutiny is somewhat different at least in its early stages for here the rebels owing to the peculiar circumstances of the case were in a position to put armies in the field, and this led to field operations of most definite and stirring character; but, as the supremacy of British military power in India became re-established, and as the organized mutineer forces melted away, the campaign degenerated in many localities into purely guerilla warfare, which took months to bring to a conclusion.

But navigable rivers are often to be found, and these, even if they are not used for the actual movement of troops, are of incalculable assistance at times as channels for forwarding supplies, especially war steamers can be put on them. These few examples give actual instances of mistakes occurring through ignorance of the theatre of war. But the River Column had also become practically inoperative, likewise on account of supply.

And the great principle which regular troops must always act upon in small wars – that of overawing the enemy by wsrs initiative and by resolute action whether on the battlefield or as part of the general plan of campaign – can be learnt from the military history of early times just as well as it can be learnt from the more voluminously chronicled struggles of the present epoch.

The Pathan tribesmen of the North-West Frontier were also evolving into more formidable opponents as Callwell wrote.


Find great deals for How to Play Bawu and Hulusi: A Beginner’s Guide to These Popular Chinese Wind Instruments by Pat Missin (, Paperback). Shop with. For those of you wishing to take up playing the bawu or hulusi, may I humbly recommend my own book, How To Play Bawu and Hulusi – A Beginner’s Guide to . The first English language book to focus on these traditional free reed wind instruments from Southwestern China, providing complete instruction for the absolute.

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Becoming by Michelle ObamaPaperback 1. There are few classes online and they are not systematic.

Notify me of new posts via email. The solution to that is throat resonance. So the fingering is somewhat similar to the transverse flute or saxophone. We could help to fix the reed, but the reed needs to be fixed by our crafter. By continuing to use this website, you anr to their use. Connor Haywood July 18, at 9: Last one Free shipping.

Typical booklets say the following: Girl, Wash Your Face: Sorry, your blog cannot share posts huluei email. Do you know where I can get a replacement reed for the Bawu? Experiments show that by opening up the throat, you can blow on the Bawu softly while still producing the higher harmonics, and by relaxing the muscle there, you can immediately drop down to the fundamental resonance.

In fact this book is perfect to begin with, regardless of your background level, although some experience with at least a tin-whistle, recorder, or harmonica, would certainly help.

Hi Ben, the reed of bawu is very sensitive. You are commenting using your WordPress. This causes problems because one would then hear a sorry-sounding downward glissando after every attempt to play a staccato, instead of a hard cut-off. I had been used to Native American flutes etc. See all 3 brand new listings.

Published by Interact China.

About Me Tong Lei View my complete profile. I found two videos of hulusi. So some handling fee and return shipping need to be paid. Hi Ron, very glad to have your comment!

Skip to main content. Both drone pipes doesn’t have a hole.

How to Play Bawu – Interact China

It has seven sound holes, 6 in the front, 1 in the back. When the air-flow is cut off, the tl vibrating reed with feel the pressure lessen and revert to the fundamental resonance, which is either a low Mi or low Fa. It has a thumb hole, six finger holes, plus a tuning hole and a range of just over an octave. Wish you good luck in learning Bawu and also enjoy playing it! I play the Irish pennywhistle and hammered dulcimer.

Workbooks, Study Guides in Chinese. Snd by Tong Lei at This item doesn’t belong on this page. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: I think there might be some similarities in penny whistle and Bawu.

How to Play Bawu

I look forward to learning to play it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Read full review Verified purchase:


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The Mammaries of the Welfare State [Upamanyu Chatterjee] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. THIS IS BRAND NEW PROVIDE . The mammaries of the welfare state [Upamanyu Chatterjee] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Mammaries of the Welfare State – Kindle edition by Upamanyu Chatterjee. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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The Welfare State’s first family, the Aflatoons, in particular, are prominent figures. One person found this helpful. Nutsyanyaya, he calls it, and examples abound throughout the book. A pretty okay read on its own, but a poor sequel to English, August.

Upamanyu Chatterjee: The Mammaries of the Welfare State

Clearly one should have a useless drain for a mind to appreciate the beauty of this book, well, thankfully I have. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Accept Reject Read More.

Well, at times the style of writing just gets on you, and at other times it appears quite funny. No one has been spared in the book that takes a dig primarily at the After an amazingly well written “English August”, this one is disappointing. Imagine a Book like English August, but with all elements that made the original a fun read stripped out. Could have been better if preference had been given to the protagonists story than to provide a sarcastic account of the inner working of the government.

See all free Kindle reading apps. The book was published in and some of the events and government decisions that Chatterjee envisions in the book, more for comic relief, absurdity and overdramatisation, are a reality today. The book turned me away, just the way the bureaucracy turns people away with its fibbings and fobbings and long winded vaguery. Frustrated, for example, that various signs — in government buildings as well as on roads — are put up by illiterates who therefore have no idea what the signs say, and can’t know whether they are putting them in the correct place he notes: So Agastya Sen, whose first year in the Indian Administrative Service is recounted in English, August see our reviewdid indeed stick it out in the government bureaucracy.

Wrote a short story in attempted tribute to Upamanyu Chatterjee and this book have barely written short stories in my life http: Share your thoughts with other customers. Certainly not for the faint hearted or ones with a weak stomach.

Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App.

This book yet again demonstrates author’s command over the English language mammarids well as the Hindi slang that has been used profusely right through the narration. Rakesh Nahin rated it liked it Jul 17, Agastya has not found happiness. The novel is an attack on the imperfect beaurocraticy of India. The complete review ‘s Review:. Indeed, in the opening passage of the novel we learn that: Don’t have a Kindle?

Niren rated it liked it Dec 30, No one has been spared in the book that takes a dig primarily at the bureaucracy almost everyone does these days and the “state” of affairs. Nobody captures Indian bureaucracy like Chatterjee does!!

Here’s how terms and conditions apply. Let me confess that I couldn’t go beyond a few chapters Agastya happens to have worked with Menon, the “Deputy Secretary Personnel Housing ” eight years earlier in Madna, but given that despite his position it took Menon three years before he could allot himself his own very fancy flat, things don’t look promising for Agastya.

There’s lots of drifting appropriate to the subject matterand characters fade in and out of view and focus. Penguin India 1 May Language: Books by Upamanyu Chatterjee. Agastya believes in what Upmanyu has said, “Nothing is sacred except the right to laugh”. Indeed, it is a book about Nutsyanyaya, the essentially impenetrable monolith of omnipresent bureaucracy that has taken on a life of its own and does more bad or rather: Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

See all 4 reviews.

The Mammaries of the Welfare State by Upamanyu Chatterjee

A good sequel to english august. Agastya does not want to rate this book. Twice I re-started reading this book, but would always get stuck around page range. I expected the brilliantly portrayed personal angst and stoner inner self from English, August.

A hallmark of a good satire is that it must mammaeies short and this book is anything but. Amazingly brilliant and humorous. Oct 06, Devashish rated it really liked it. One wishes for a stronger narrative thread, rhe the writing is good, the satire on target, and the humour sharp.

Veturi rated it really liked it May 25, He picks at all parts of the Welfare State, and he does so well. That is what this book really is, a bad hangover without the alcohol.


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Education notes: Allen ISD asks for input on calendar. Communities in Schools Dallas Region invites residents to participate in its. DISD Options For School Year Calendar .. student achievement. n Mesquite ISD, currently a Recognized district, has reportedly Academic Calendar Falfgfl Winter 14 FINAL2 . Black Nonbelievers of Dallas press release. – New to Frisco ISD Teacher Inservice .. FISD Transportation West • Dallas Pkwy • Frisco, Texas

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Saturday in the cafeteria. By submitting, you agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

Login to Comment or create an account Email. Training will begin in June. The program provides clothing and gifts to needy students during the holidays.

Call or email donner51 verizon. Allen ISD wants input on calendar.

‘ + csMonth + ‘

The annual awards are given to professors in recognition of innovative teaching, extraordinary talent and exceptional leadership. The MetLife Foundation-NASSP Breakthrough Schools program recognizes middle and high schools that are high achieving or dramatically improving student achievement and serve large numbers of students living in poverty.

For a schedule of shows, including holiday features, visit www. Wednesday at the Frontiers of Flight Museum in Dallas. Don’t miss a story. On the second, the second semester begins Jan. Stemmons Freeway in Dallas. Get Unlimited Digital Access Your first month is less than a dollar. Marcus High School presents falendar Madrigal Feaste at 7 p. The program is accepting applicants for bilingual programs for pre-K to sixth grade, for math and science for fourth through 12th grades and for special education for pre-k through 12th grades.

Call Alex Wilson atext. Create an Account or login First Name. The Allen school district has prepared two draft calendars for the school year and is seeking public comment before a final proposal is brought to the board of trustees in January. Pre-show entertainment starts at 6: Donations can be made online at cisdallas.

Login Forgot your password? Friday and Saturday at the school, Morriss Road. Perkins School of Theology in collaboration with Meadows School of the Arts will present a Christmas worship service featuring music by the Seminary Singers, Meadows Chorale and organist Christopher Anderson at 4 and 8 p.

Education notes: Allen ISD asks for input on 2013-14 calendar

Thursday in Perkins Chapel, Bishop Blvd. On one calendar, the second semester begins Jan.

Scott Morgan Johnson Middle School in McKinney was one of 10 schools nationally, and the only Texas school, to win the award this year. DeSoto ISD will hold a fine arts showcase from 6: Dallqs marathon, which starts at 8 a. El Centro is at Main St.

Like us on Facebook. Wednesday and 9 a.

Education notes: Allen ISD asks for input on calendar | Education | Dallas News

A reception with the artists will be from 6 to 7 p. Thursday and Friday at calencar school, Peters Colony Road. Warnock has been principal at Bush since The nonprofit serves more than 12 school districts. Candidates can call or visit www.


The Building Integration System (BIS) is a modular, extensible If you wish to extend an existing BIS V (adding an engine or single . BIS-GEN-ADPACK. EMEA BIS Refitting Approval form – Building Integration System version . , BIS-GEN-ADPACK, F01U, BIS Alarm Document. Order nmber BIS-GEN-ADPACK Alarm management package License bndle containing Message distribtion, Timer, Operator alarm, and Application lancher.

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Control button for travel limit horizontal or vertical. To be mounted on gear side or opposite side.

Limited to motor with maximum torque: The weight of the new solid sludge that has been formed in the test, in milligrams, is determined by drying the residue and weighing it. Bottom to fold and bind under the first element Cut the tongue Use For blocking the spring in tension.

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The warranty covers the situation has ceased, for a period that may not Customer that cannot show that it has provided its the cost of the labour required and the travelling exceed two months, at the end of which the contract customer with this information in writing will incur expenses.

Alternately, the polymer and the monounsaturated carboxylic reactant can be contacted at elevated temperature to cause a thermal “ene” reaction to take place. Processes of this general type are taught in U. The Customer is responsible transportation, blocking of public services, and conformity with the confirmation of the order or if for using the products under normal, foreseeable natural disasters.

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Most preferably, when the aldehyde comprises formaldehyde or a material which generates formaldehdye in situand ge amine comprises a di-primary amine e. Drives the tube when connected with gearbox with claw coupling.

Used in assemblies with 12 mm pins. On opposite side, setting on D. Multigrade lubricating oils typically are identified by two numbers such as lOW30, 5W30 etc.

PACK QQ One lock every 80 cm. The dispersant adduct according to claim 10 wherein said long chain hydrocarbyl polymer comprises polyisobutylene.

Gear lubricants, apack oils, pump oils and other lubricating oil compositions can also benefit from the incorporation therein of the additives of the present invention. Moreover, chain linked or apdack structures can be formed in which the three or more molecules of nitrogen dispersant are linked by a series of such L 1 moieties.

The polymers can be homopolymers such as polyisobutylene, as well as copolymers of two or more of such olefins such as copolymers of: Somfy, Simu, Jolly Motor Yo are able to control the peripherals directly by mose click. In the amide form, the carbonyl-amino material can contain 1 or C O –NH– groups, and in the imide zdpack the carbonyl-amino material will contain –C O –N–C O — groups. Use Mounted on opposite side, ggen on bearing or ball bearing D.

CE10 This set enables the installation of override device with accesses: Use For high horizontal exit.

The main technical plastics used are: Use Used for claw coupling and on opposite side on 12 mm pivot. Thinner version for thinner window frames. Use For fixing motors with emergency device in the majority endcaps sizes and C Weight capacity per adlack STR46 wherein R 21 and A 1 are as defined above.

The large gem of these polymers enables them to significantly increase kinematic viscosities of base oils even at low concentrations.

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Mixtures of adpzck above illustrated ven likewise are contemplated within the scope of this invention. ZF will not be required to provide com- materials, change in customs duties, change in the sionals of their responsibility and must be followed pensation for consequential or indirect loss such exchange rate, change in the legislation, change in at the very least. Glazed face on the top Stage 3 Mount the tab on thepin Stage 4 a Fulfill the mounting of the lock on the rings: Use To use for alignment in ball bearing or slide bearing with 12 mm bore.


The Community-Acquired Pneumonia Severity Index is a tool that helps in the risk stratification of patients with CAP. The PSI divides patients into 5 classes for. PORT Investigators. Chest ; Close. La escala desarrollada y validada por el “Pneumonia Patient Outcome Research siendo este un aspecto primordial para valorar el pronóstico de los ancianos tanto en lo que respecta a. La estratificación del riesgo de la neumonía adquirida en la comunidad (NAC) a su llegada a urgencias médicas Escala de ATS-IDSA para ingreso en unidad.

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A prediction rule to identify low-risk patients with community-acquired pneumonia. Prognosis and outcomes of patients with-community-acquired pneumonia. Clinical relevante and related factors.

Pneumonia Severity Index (PORT Score) | Calculate by QxMD

Points are assigned based on age, co-morbid disease, abnormal physical findings, and abnormal laboratory results. Sputum culture Bronchoalveolar lavage.

Duke Criteria for Endocarditis Diagnose endocarditis Lund-Mackay Sinusitis Stage Assess severity of chronic rhinosinusitis and assess response to therapy. To improve our services and products, we use “cookies” own or third parties authorized to show advertising related to client preferences through the analyses of navigation customer behavior.

Clin Infect Dis, 38pp. Porf Addition of selected points, as above.

Validation Shah BA, et. Systematic review and meta-analysis”. Pleural effusion on x-ray. Evaluation and general management of patients with and at risk for AKI.

Pneumonia severity index – Wikipedia

Check date values in: Any patient over 50 years of age is automatically classified as neeumonia class 2, even if they otherwise are completely healthy and have no other risk criteria. Quantification Volumetric Cardiology AR: Retrieved 11 November Epidemiology of community-acquired pneumonia in adults; a population-based study.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Critical Actions For patients scoring high on PSI, it would be prudent to ensure initial triage has not missed the presence of sepsis. Ranson’s Criteria Estimate mortality in patients with pancreatitis. The rule uses demographics whether someone is older, and is male or femalethe coexistence of co-morbid illnesses, findings on physical examination and vital signsand essential laboratory findings.

Pneumonia severity index

About the Creator Michael J. Enter your email address and we’ll send you a link to reset your password. Views Read Edit View history. Arch Bronconeumol, 41pp.

The pneumonia severity index PSI or PORT Score is a clinical prediction rule that medical practitioners can use to calculate the probability of morbidity and mortality among patients with community acquired pneumonia.

Community-acquired pneumonia through Enterobacteriaceae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa: Eur Respir J, 35pp. Expected spleen size Provides upper pxra of normal for spleen length and volume by ultrasound relative to body height and gender. Quantification Volumetric Cardiology MS: Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis, 61pp. This page was last edited on 21 Marchat Partial pressure of oxygen No.

Continuing navigation will be considered as acceptance of this use.

The principal investigators of the study request that you use the official podt of the modified score here. One significant caveat to the data source was that patients who were discharged home or transferred from the MedisGroup hospitals could not be followed at the day mark, and were therefore assumed escaoa be “alive” at that time. For patients scoring high on PSI, it would be prudent to ensure initial triage has not missed the presence of sepsis.

Retrieved from ” https: PCI and Cardiac Surgery. Fine’s publications, visit PubMed. Mortality prediction is similar to that when using CURB Defining community acquired pneumonia severity on presentation to hospital: Hodgkin’s Disease Prognosis Estimate prognosis in Hodgkin’s disease. Eur Respir J, 20pp. Community-acquired pneumonia in Europe: Advice While many pneumonias are actually viral in nature, typical esccala is to provide a course of antibiotics given the pneumonia may be bacterial.

ERS Guidelines for the management of adult lower respiratory tract infections.



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The research aimed to find out the description of coping strategy of stress on teenagers with extrovert and introvert personality.

Thank you for purchasing this product. Complete the Title Application MVR-1declaring all liens, signed by all owners in the presense of a notary. Data List Genos Data List.

Introvert, Extrovert Atau Ambivert?

Your new post is loading Skripsi thesis, Universitas ‘Aisyiyah Yogyakarta. Se conoce como Reforma protestante, o simplemente la Reforma, al movimiento religioso Los principales exponentes de la Reforma protestante fueron Martin Lutero y Juan Historia de persecuciones politicas y religiosas en Europa.

Every person has different reaction toward stress. Years ago, it was easy to find a wide range of luxury cars with manual In the world of Mercedes-Benz, for instance, you can only get a stick shift in the.

This new translation and commentary of a classical tantric text. No tengas miedo reserve y leelo mas tarde.

Asterix in plese give me download link of this pdf file. I’d like to take the opportunity to say hi to all of you as I’m new to this forum. It makes the readers have good and much. Add to My Iintrovert Save this manual to your list of manuals. Es la encefalopatia hepatica aguda fulminante y en la encefalopatia hipoosmolares. Download your free PDF file of the hyundai sonata on our comprehensive online database of automotive owners manuals. By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop.

Reach maxm, 10,8. Alienware is a registered trademark of. This manual may contain references to HP or Hewlett-Packard. The ascent of consciousness from its association with gross matter and base kepribadlan great torrent of knowledge of the supreme Lord, Parameshvara, introevrt once arises. Tambien disponible en formato PDF. Practice this One Word Substitution pdf exercise. SNAP is the federal name for the food assistance programs in Montana.

My google skills keepribadian suck because I can’t get. Research and publish the best content. Cirrosis hepatica situacion29 Sep En segundo lugar, ante un paciente con criterio de encefalopatia aguda, se insiste en la importancia de Encefalopatias metabolicas innatas. You can call the Montana Public Assistance Helpline at to find your nearest. Distributing kepribadin curated content through a newsletter is a great way to nurture and engage your email subscribers will developing your traffic and visibility.

Read Shri Vijnana Bhairava Tantra: This manual applies to ektrovert Hyundai models and includes descriptions and Hyundai dealers are prepared to provide high-quality service, maintenance and any. More than 28 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 85 million projects.

Learn more about the different existing integrations and their benefits.

Third, it has a 7. The study used qualitative design using phenomenology approach. How do I follow my topics’ performance? DOC – digitalpreservation natlib govt: To Download Any File Click. The coping strategy of stress on extrovert and introvert teenagers is short-term coping that is forgetting, hanging around, sleeping, watching TV, listening to music, smooking, and long-term coping that is learning and chatting. I read an old thread here about someone turning an HP B into a sweeper Does anyone have an A manual, or has anyone used one with the B?

Introvert, Extrovert Atau Ambivert? – ProProfs Quiz

Want to learn more about helpful government programs that you may qualify for? Jodi boi ta thake Asterix?? Hyundai Sonata Workshop Manual V6 2.

As automatic transmissions become more popular. Company Media Kit Contact Scoop. How do I publish content on my topic? Dhaler khoje kepribadoan pdf. TR – Drone.