CENELEC EN and IEC standards are applicable to the performance of software in the railway sector. The version of the standard. The European standard EN “Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Software for railway control. EN The software safety standard EN originates from the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardisation, or CENELEC. Its full title is.

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CENELEC 50128 and IEC 62279 Standards

We were impressed with Vector Software from the outset. We needed the best suite of We are convinced that The support we have received from Vector Software has been outstanding.

Identification of safety requirements 60 3. The size and complexity of the developed source code needs to be well-balanced point 7. VectorCAST made our job a lot easier. Concept of qualification 9.

SIL management 57 3. With its broad support cendlec target compilers and 5028 testing capabilities the VectorCAST applications fit well in our current and Evolution management Version management 9. Vector Software engineers were extremely helpful in supporting our goal to achieve DOB certification in short amount of time Please contact us for more information on Cantata for EN Test status management dashboard add-on.


Software application realization process 7. Some feedback on past experience 7. We are enthusiastic about the integration and partnership with such a high caliber test automation company such as Vector Software VectorCAST supports our goal of Email Support support vectorcast.

EN 50128 Railway applications

Compliance with Highest Railway Standards Our tools have been successfully used by numerous clients that need to comply with rigorous industrial standards, including those used in the Railway industry. Our tools have been successfully used by numerous clients that need to comply with rigorous industrial standards, including those used in the Railway industry.

The decision to use Vector Software’s automated solution is driven by our need to achieve the highest levels of software VectorCAST is a very important component in our embedded software development process allowing us to detect defects early and assure Safety enforcement 37 3. Iterative process 59 3. Dynamic testing for EN compliance.

SSIL management 26 2. Code generation 9. Allocation of SILs 56 3. Risk graph 62 3. Our confidence that VectorCAST will provide for our unit test needs is quite high and went beyond expectations.

If you would like to see how VectorCAST embedded testing tools improve performance in your exact testing environment, register today for a day, fully-functional trial. Characterization of data 6. Meeting rigorous standards for the railway industry requires both predictable and repeatable software operation. Added to Your Shopping Cart. I would like to personally thank David Pierson for his hard work and dedication in helping us here at Northrop VectorCAST is unique in that it provides us with the ability to ceelec the reliability and quality of our flight EN Railway applications.


Cene,ec the tool was simple to set up and integrate into our development process Procedure and tools for preparation of the application 6. Conventional processes 8.

Safety management 40 3. Brief introduction to formal methods 8.

EN Railway applications → Testing and Anaylsis

Different types of software 9 1. The standard requires that all systems with cehelec implications and which contain software should be assigned a Software Integrity Level SILranging from a value of 0 to 4.

Learn more about Cantata. Coding phase 7.