Skylane TT. Information supplied from Cessna Model TT Pilot Operating Handbook. Takeoff Distance. ISA, Flaps 20 Degrees, No Wind, Paved Level. Cessna’s new turbocharged TT From a few tiedowns away, the new turbocharged Cessna TT doesn’t look much different from the S. Aircraft Overview. This CT is one of our new generation Cessna’s. It is ideal for advanced flight training (CPL) and CSU endorsements for.

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The flight gave us great insight into just why the Turbo version ccessna the Skylane has become so popular.

Pulling back the throttle a little, to 25 inches, will cut fuel by a gallon or so per hour while still yielding around knots true at that altitude.

It goes without saying that synthetic vision is not intended for use as a primary reference; it’s purely advisory in nature. The new generation of Skylanes also features the Garmin Turbk glass cockpit. Unlike four-point systems on many new airplanes, the seat belts on the Skylane are automotive shoulder belts with AmSafe built-in airbags. Cwssna we were still below the layer, we tried 13, which, as it turned out, would have put us in the middle of the layer not recommended for VFR.

Albuquerque Center gave us a climb to 9, feet for terrain, but we chose instead to cancel and descend so we could try out the synthetic vision utility. This left 1182t in the unenviable position of having no Skylanes to sell, since the avgas models had been phased out. Some of these files are produced by Red Sky Ventures, cessn are a collection of resources found at various places on the web, often without links to the author or creator, which have simply been collated and indexed by us.

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Flying High After we got back from lunch and an impromptu self-guided tour of downtown Marfa in our ’80s-vintage Pontiac, we had the Skylane topped off, though we didn’t actually need to. Pair of “T”s The airplane I flew for this report is the TT, with the latter T being its model designation and the former T standing for its turbocharging.


Wikimedia Commons has media related to Cessna Most other new airplanes have gone to electrically powered backups.

182f were looking at right around The manners of the Skylane are great, predictable, harmonious and comfortable. Interesting links Here are some interesting links for you! The upgraded model was added to the current product line in A Validation is ideal for pilots wishing to come to namibia for self hire and fly tours for short periods.

Cessna Turbo Skylane

The latest additions to the airplane are few but impressive, and the list of features added when the T model was launched a few years back are numerous. That contributes to excellent manners in the pattern.

Cessna aircraft High-wing aircraft Single-engined tractor aircraft United States civil utility aircraft — Aircraft first flown in Glider tugs. And with today’syou get all of that along with the quality of life and safety improvements that modern engineering and technology have brought along for the ride. Retrieved 23 May Perhaps the most innovative safety improvement is the AmSafe Aviation Inflatable Restraint inevitably A-I-Ra system of seatbelt-mounted airbags designed to inflate within milliseconds of detecting a 16 G impact.

It’s an airplane that many thousands of pilots have fallen in love with, and it’s easy to see why. We decided to go back VFR, so we picked 11, feet, hoping that would put us on top. At slower speeds, the airplane will climb at better than 1, fpm initially at max weight.

The is an airplane you fly with trim, and if you trim it right, it’s a pussy cat. What it was, and remains today, is a solid, safe, good handling, decent-sized load hauler with good range and enough speed to get the job done, whether that job is hauling a load from one side of a rural county to the other or flying four friends to a vacation resort three states away.

They greatly improved the fit and finish of the interior. The question “What’s new? The landing gear retraction system in the Skylane RG uses hydraulic actuators powered by an electrically driven pump.

Cessna Single Cssna Maintenance Manuals. Getting Reacquainted With the Skylane One of the first things you notice about the is its impressive interior. It’s the same with the prop. In my book, knots over the ground with a knot headwind is workable for even long cross-country flying, and longtime Skylane owners seem to agree. They added state of the art avionics. And they’ve continued to upgrade those avionics.


Cessna T Skylane – Lanier Flight Center

Then the weather set in, with widespread low IFR cessma ice in the clouds, including predictions of large supercooled droplets. The built-in oxygen system in dessna Turbo Skylane, like just about everything else on the airplane, is very nicely done. At that altitude with the power set at the high cruise of 28 inches and rpm, we were seeing knots true and a groundspeed of right around knots at just over around 17 gph.

View the discussion thread. On the way up to Marfa, we stayed low and acted like a normally aspirated airplane. At 20, feet we would have gained a few knots, to around knots true, and the fuel flow would have been similar. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat P-7 T They did a much better job corrosion-proofing the airplane.

WAAS wasn’t any help here, but in more and more cases, you can find approaches with vertical guidance to remote airports just like this. Like the DC-3 and Boeing Stearman in other general aviation markets, the venerable Skylane is far from perfect, but almost a half century after its introduction, it continues to offer perhaps the best combination of simplicity, performance, comfort, economy, and payload in the industry.

Experience says that when a factory-turbocharged version of a popular airplane cexsna introduced it nearly always outsells the nonturbocharged version. In fact, unless you’ve flown it lately, I’m betting that there are sides to this airplane you just haven’t seen yet. See more information on validations on our foreign license packages.

It had not, however, been certified yet; hence, the “Experimental” markings on the airplane we flew.