Damianita, Hierba de San Nicolas, False Damiana, Mariola, Romerillo, Garanona, San Nicolas, Calanca, Yeyepaxtle Chrysactinia mexicana. Asteraceae. Chrysactinia mexicana: Damianita in hot, dry climates. Scientific: Chrysactinia mexicana. Common: damianita (now that’s weird) Family: Asteraceae Origin: High deserts of NE Arizona, SE Utah and SW Colorado to.

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Male rats were trained for sexual experience in five sessions, one session per week, with sexually receptive females.

Effect of Cm at lower dose was not significantly different from the vehicle control group. Crude extracts of T. I live in Southwest Austin and I am looking for a shrub that I can plant against the back of my house, which faces the north. Technically a shrub; used like a flower. To keep damianita more compact, remove the woody stems from underneath and deadhead or tip the tops. This is a very leafy plant – the narrow, fragrant foliage everywhere except on the in.

Sexual interaction is an important factor for social and biological relationships in human life. In summary, data suggest the following: Damianita daisy Chrysactinia mexicana has performed outstandingly chrtsactinia in my yard as a low border plant in well drained soil, full sun and a very hot location.

Statistics The proportion of copulating animals was analyzed utilizing the Fisher F -test.

Chrysactinia mexicana – Wikipedia

These observations were employed to calculate the percentage of animals that expressed mounts, intromissions, ejaculations, and resumption of copulation, as well as the total number of mounts NM and intromissions NI that preceded ejaculation; intromission latency time from introduction of female to experimental cage to the occurrence of the first intromission, ILejaculation latency time from the first intromission to male achieving ejaculation, ELand postejaculatory interval time from ejaculation to first intromission of a second ejaculatory series, PEI.


Sexual exhaustion in male rats is a phenomenon that appears after sustained copulation with a single sexually receptive female. I am looking for seed of Damianita daisy? A number of studies has demonstrated that the mesolimbic system comprises a fundamental target for installation of sexual satiation in males.

Results of the Fisher F -test: Articles with ‘species’ microformats All stub articles.

Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center – The University of Texas at Austin

You can help Chrysadtinia by expanding it. One week after the final sexual behavior evaluation, male rats were randomly assigned to the treatments rats per group following a Latin square design, in which each rat has the same opportunity to receive any treatment.

Additionally, the effective doses of Cm, Td, mwxicana yohimbine on sexual behavior test were not associated with stimulating motor effects.

Sexual exhaustion also denominated sexual satiation is considered a paradigm of the central inhibition of male sexual behavior [ 11 ], which led us to propose that the extract of T. Ignacio Camacho-Arroyo for the revision of this manuscript.

The effects of treatments on sexual behavior were not related with alterations in general locomotion. Significant drought hardiness and wonderfully aromatic foliage are two features damianita has going for it. Chrysactinia mexicana, common name Damianita daisy, [2] is a species of flowering plants in the sunflower familynative to Mexico and to the southwestern United States.

Differences in the effective treatment doses utilized here for the reversal of sexual satiation could be explained taking into account that yohimbine is a pure drug, while crude chrsyactinia are constituted of multiple components [ 1021 ] of which their pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics are unknown.

It is easy to germinate but it is a slow grower.

Sow seed as early as possible, especially in fall. Aqueous extracts Cm and Td were dissolved in saline 0. Therefore, dopamine has been proposed as a crucial neurotransmitter in the action of yohimbine on sexual satiation [ 20 ].

Southwest Desert Flora

Results Twenty four h after prolonged copulation, sexually satiated males of the control group rats treated with the vehicle showed an inhibition of sexual behavior determined by a reduction in the number of subjects able to demonstrate regular sexual behavior. The foliage is fragrant crush a leaf to get the full effect. In the sexual chrysqctinia test, satiated males treated with the extracts of Cm and Td or with yohimbine exhibited a normal pattern of movement in the course of copulation, which was not different from that shown by males receiving the vehicle; that is, these rats did not demonstrate hyper- or hypoactivity nor stereotyped or circling movements.


Lower and medium doses of Cm were ineffective for restoring mating behavior, and only the lowest dose of Cm increased the ambulation of experimental animals. Reversal of sexual exhaustion was determined by a significant increase in the percentage of rats able to resume copulation after ejaculation from the beginning of copulation taking the first intromission into account.

It will probably grow in solid schist or decomposed granite. The effects of C. I want something native, fairly low maintenance and not too large, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Therefore, fhrysactinia the present study, the prosexual effects of Cm were compared with those of Td and yohimbine, employed as a reference drug with known effects on sexual exhaustion [ 20 ].

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This result agrees with data from previous literature demonstrating the high efficacy of yohimbine in the reversal of sexual satiation [ 16 ]. Materials and Methods 2.