Ireland will never be the same after Rawhead Rex, a particularly nasty demon, is released from his underground prison by an Writer: Clive Barker (screenplay). Rawhead Rex is the titular monster from the short story by horror author, Clive Barker, and its film adaptation. The original short story was published in the third . In Volume III, Barker introduced us to Rawhead Rex, a slavering giant one of the menagerie of original horrors borne of Clive’s imagination.

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Leave Raw Head Rex the way it is i think he looks bad ass and more scarier than anyothers but, make him more reallistic like more facial expression and more agile, furocious and more determined to kill, there hasn’t been anymore scary movies that i can think of. Make a scary movie out of this RawHead Rex.

I like the roided out muscly movie version with the big nipples. The mask could have been done a bit better though.

However, they should have eex it nude with a big cock with spike along the shaft: I was hoping when he pissed on the nutty cleryman that they would have showed Rawheads cock then. Make a rawhead rex 2,,as he did not die in the first,,we need a great monster movie creature like this,I am so sick of vampires and wolf movies boring me so that I change the channel,so sick of seeing extra large fake boots on screen as well in creature features,,please just make rawhead rex And while Barker’s magnificent set of stories did feature classic genre staples such as the restless dead and summoned demons, it was far more than just making a reanimated mummy ‘contemporary’ by slapping on a set of Ray Bans on the dusty bandages.

In Volume III, Barker introduced us to Rawhead Rex, a slavering giant unleashed into the modern world, but as we discovered in the first part of this article, this rampaging beast wasn’t one of the menagerie rfx original horrors borne of Clive’s imagination, but an ancient British folk devil given a new lease of life.


Hypnogoria: The Truth About RAWHEAD REX Part II – Awakenings

Large males run around terrorising women. Basically, I wrote a story about a ten harker prick which goes on the rampage. In other words, exactly the kind of material that had The Books of Blood flying off the shelves. Or rather, a small independent UK film company asked Barker for a screenplay. No one is claiming it to be an unrecognised classic yet, but it is fondly remembered by lovers of creature features and hokey B-movies.

For this is exactly the flavour of the movie Rawhead’s meat; pure burger and cheese. Now for lovers of corny creature features, this makes for an entertainingly schlocky hour and a half, however Barker fans will be groaning at at the wandering plot, cheesy not-so-special effects, and the generally dumbing down of the original text.

And when I first saw this flick, back in the days when VHS was king, I was very much in the latter camp. Now partly this was because clivs Rawhead FX didn’t look as nearly as impressive when you saw them in motion – he looks great in photographs, but in the movie he’s clearly a very large puppet head most of the time.

But in fairness, Peter Litten and his crew did wonders with meagre resources and very little time, and the reason Rawhead ends up looking more comical than horrific is more down to the woolly direction.

Rawhead Rex

Well, other than to deliver a final shock and completely trash the logic of the preceding narrative. Finally there’s a nagging sense of cop-out to Rawhead’s defeat, with shades of a wizard did it – you can’t help rrex that the death by mob ending of the short story would have been far more visceral and fitting.

They got this German ski instructor who was 6′ 3″ with bigger pectorals than Linda Evans – clivf tits overshadowed his navel.


They got it all completely wrong. I whined at them a little bit and they said ‘get out of our face’.

Clive on Rawhead Rex

However several years later we would see a version of Rawhead that was closer to Barker’s vision, when Eclipse Comics adapted the original story And despite the excellence of Les Edwards’ painted panels, I’d have to say that when you have the phallic metaphor rearing up before your very eyes, the story does lose something.

The cheeky subtext become just text – Rawhead coive just a symbol for a penis, he clearly IS a penis – and consequently you are left feeling like you are trapped in the middle of a curiously bloody dick joke.

Rather what the movie is really missing, and whose absence reduces it barer a standard creature feature, is Rawhead’s point of view – in the story, we see many barksr through his red-litten eyes. And without experiencing his interior processes, we are left with a ravenous but empty shell.

Of course, capturing the flavour of the thoughts of a monster is a tall order for even the most gifted director. And that’s what marks out barkre the truly great monsters: However sadly the Rawhead in the film could easily be replaced by any other monster or even just standard slasher killer.

But in another way the movie has been strangely influential.

So then, in a fashion that will no doubt delight students of monsterology, Rawhead Rex could be said to be the progenitor of Pinhead and the order of Cenobites Posted by Jim Moon at Newer Post Older Post Home.