The Application Gallery features COMSOL Multiphysics® tutorial and demo app files pertinent to the electrical, structural, acoustics, fluid, heat, and chemical. Study the effect of thermal stress on resonant frequency. • Eigen Frequency Analysis with & without thermal stresses. • Change design to minimize the effect of.

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To this end, the MEMS Module provides predefined user interfaces with associated modeling tools, referred comeol as physics interfaces, for a variety of coupled physics, including electromagnetic-structure, thermal-structure, or fluid-structure interactions.

MEMS Module

Prestressed Micromirror One method of creating spring-like structures or inducing curvature in thin structures is to plate them to substrates that are under the influence of residual stresses.

That makes microscopic thermal actuators fast enough to be useful on the microscale, although thermal actuators are typically slower than capacitive or piezoelectric actuators. The equations are then solved using the finite element method and a range of industrial strength solvers.

Capacitive Pressure Sensor A capacitive pressure sensor is simulated. The Fluid-Structure Interaction FSI multiphysics interface combines fluid flow with solid mechanics to capture the interaction between the fluid and the solid structure. A perfectly matched layer is used to represent the essentially One method of creating spring-like structures or inducing curvature in thin structures is to plate them to substrates that are under the influence of residual stresses. When COMSOL compiles the equations, the complex couplings generated by these user-defined expressions are automatically included in the equation system.

Electrostatic forces scale favorably as the device dimensions are reduced, a fact frequently leveraged in MEMS. Best-in-class piezoelectric and piezoresistive modeling tools allow for simulations where composite piezo-elastic-dielectric materials can be combined in any imaginable configuration.


This example shows how to set up a piezoelectric transducer problem following the work of Y. This 2D axisymmetry model uses a parametric sweep of voltage to The small size of the device results in a Tutoril resonant frequency even for a simple flexural mode. The elastic cantilever beam is one of the elementary structures used in MEMS designs. One of the important properties of the AT cut is that the resonant frequency of the crystal is temperature independent to first order.

Simulation of Microelectromechanical Systems The design and modeling of microelectromechanical systems MEMS is mesm unique engineering discipline. The solvers are set up automatically with default settings, which are already tuned for each specific interface.

Prestressed Micromirror One method of creating spring-like structures or inducing curvature in thin structures is to plate them to substrates that are under the influence of residual stresses. The following effects are studied: Microvisk Technologies develops and manufactures devices for measuring blood viscosity using the power of Micro Electronic Mechanical Systems MEMS tutoorial a radical new technique stemming from futuristic research on microtechnology.

MEMS Software – For Microelectromechanical Systems Simulation

Piezoelectric Rate Gyroscope This model shows how to analyze a tuning fork based piezoelectric rate gyroscope. Siemens is a technology company working with electronics and electrical engineering in industry, energy, and healthcare. Once a solution is obtained, a vast range of postprocessing tools are available to interrogate the tutoial, and predefined plots are automatically generated to show the device response.

Micropumps are key components of microfluidic systems with applications ranging from biological fluid handling to microelectronic cooling. Popularity Popularity Date Published. SAWs are utilized in many kinds of electronic components, including filters, oscillators, and sensors. Quartz frequency references can be considered the highest volume Tutroial component currently in production — over 1 billion devices are manufactured per year.


The MEMS Module includes analyses in the stationary and transient domains, as well as fully-coupled eigenfrequency, parametric, quasi-static, and frequency response analyses. Every business and every simulation need is different. You can extend the material models with thermal expansion, comwol, and initial stress and strain features.

The reverse piezoelectric tutoril is used to drive an in-plane tuning fork mode. Older hand-held devices on the market work by inducing a chemical reaction that is picked up by electrodes coated Thermal actuators are also easy to integrate with semiconductor processes, although they usually consume large amounts of power compared to fomsol electrostatic and piezoelectric counterparts.

The plating process can control this stress even for similar materials.

Thermal Initial Stresses in a Consol Plate The thermal stress in a layered plate is studied in this example. This particular application moves a beam by passing a current through it; the current generates heat, and the temperature increase leads to displacement through thermal expansion.

Thermoelasticity is important in the modeling of high-quality factor MEMS resonators. Thickness Shear Mode Quartz Oscillator AT cut quartz crystals are widely employed in a range of applications, from oscillators to microbalances.

For elastic vibrations and waves, perfectly matched layers PMLs provide state-of-the-art absorption of outgoing elastic energy. Benjeddou, it models a sandwich beam using the shear mode of the piezoelectric material to deflect the tip.