Using other software freely available on Internet, you can easily convert DVI and PDF to other document formats. In particular, you can obtain the PostScript. It probably came with your TeX distribution. Try this at the command line: dvipdfm This should create a file called NAME. dvipdf – Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips. SYNOPSIS. dvipdf [ options ] [ ] DESCRIPTION. This script invokes.

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See also Modular Documents. The pagination shouldn’t be changing when converting from. Write this formula in the preview environment:.

Ubuntu Manpage: dvipdf – Convert TeX DVI file to PDF using ghostscript and dvips

It probably came with your TeX distribution. See Installing Extra Packages.

The flag -T sets the size of the image. Try this at the command line: This program may be available in your Linux distribution’s repository. It can handle multi-file projects, so all you need is to give one command:.


To merge one or more files, use:. And why don’t you just work exclusively in PDF? A google search for “latex to word” might provide you more useful links.

LaTeX/Export To Other Formats – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Usage is the same as dvipdfm. Open your file with GIMP. The command-line version is offered for all platforms, and can be used on an example mypaper. The result of this conversion will create dvj.

If you are merging external PDF documents into a LaTeX document which is compiled with pdflatexa much simpler option is to use the pdfpages package, e.

Policies and guidelines Contact us. This value will be passed to dvipng using the flag -D.

A method for DVI files is dvipng. Here you will find sections about different formats with description about how to get it. No registered users and 0 guests.

Can any one help? The option tight will only include all ink put on the page.

Free online file converter

If you run into trouble, the convetire can be found in http: There are many converters to HTML. An introduction by the original author was published in TUGboat [1]. More technical details can be found on the paper published on Kn Some tools may already be installed.


However, these documents are produced from software that parses and interprets the LaTeX files, and do not implement all the features available for the primary DVI and PDF outputs. If you want the plain text go to a file, use.

However, if you are not comfortable working at the command-line you can simply use Authorea https: This package is also very useful to export specific parts to other format, or to produce graphics e.

Exactly how are you coing from dvi to pdf? See the How to Ask page for help clarifying this question. Information and discussion about output converters related to LaTeX e. Try this at the command line:.