Perelandra is the second book in the Space Trilogy of C. S. Lewis, set on the planet of Perelandra, or Venus. It was first published in Contents. The second book in C. S. Lewis’s acclaimed Space Trilogy, which also includes Out of the Silent Planet and That Hideous Strength, Perelandra continues the. Editorial Reviews. Review. Commonweal Writing of the highest order. Perelandra is, from all Perelandra: (Space Trilogy, Book Two) (The Space Trilogy 2) – Kindle edition by C. S. Lewis. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device .

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Lewisfamous for his later series The Chronicles of Narnia. The trilogy is a masterpiece, but jumping into the 3rd book will seriously shortchange what you will understand if you read all three in trllogy. He does not wear any clothes on the journey as Oyarsa tells him clothes are unnecessary on Venus. I enjoyed the first and third book, while Perelandra, the second was often wearisome to read.

It seemed long and drawn out – in fact this book is longer than the first two combined. The language in this book is lush, the imagery fantastic. She is not an Earth woman; in fact, as her conversation with Ramsom makes plain, she is the Eve of Perelandra, who has become separated from the King her Adamand is now wishing to return to grilogy side, although she knows not where he might be.

Ransom arrives in Venus after a journey in which he is surrounded by bright colours; the box dissolves leaving Ransom on what appears to be an oceanic paradise. Feb 10, Kimberly rated it really liked it Shelves: Aug 12, Ken-ichi rated pefelandra it was ok Shelves: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Perelandra (The Space Trilogy, #2) by C.S. Lewis

The eldila resident on—actually, imprisoned in—Earth are “dark eldila”, fallen angels or demons. The Perelandra version of Eve has such a naive and alien perspective, it’s strangely entertaining to hear Earth men attempt to explain anything to her in a way she would be able to comprehend.


Ransom, the hero of the trilogy, has already visited Mars. Of course Lewis writes based on the assumption of a CREATED universe which will doubtless throw some people off and with THAT assumption it naturally takes time to explain how gods, angels, even fairies, magic, spirituality and most importantly pdrelandra supreme diety all fit into the picture. Get to Know Us.

This is one of the finest books that I have read in my entire life. This tfilogy triology portrays how “the Devil” influenced people from planet to planet to bring about damnation and the only planet that will fall is Earth. How would our relationship with God and the spiritual realm been different? A Lament that so spacee have read The Space Trilogy.

Other books in the series.

It challenged me like Lewks Screwtape Letters, and encouraged me like Narnia. Really, although I’d like to review this very much, it would take too much time. They are eloquent and persuasive, flattering but not obsequious. Feb 11, Chad Lesis rated it it was amazing. While sometimes a bit long-winded, the approach the author chose to take provokes a fascinating perspective. As someone who does not subscribe to that particular belief, I found it rather off-putting for the author to assume that the reader would deem this point as fact, and thus be on board with what the protagonist was fighting for.

Other trees bear fruits that are achingly beautiful to taste, both savory and sweet. There’s even a heroic bear named Mr.


At the time of this reading, I also listened to N. One thing I found strange is that, for all Ransom seems very aware of spiritual forces on Thulkandra Earthhe seems almost oblivious to their reality when he is on Perelandra. Part three, That Hideous Strength, is simply the best book that I have read that nobody seems to have heard of. I wish to remain on Malacandra, and this, I believe, was part of Lewis’s hopes for this story: Both authors give their tempters brilliant speeches with which to seduce their prey.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Want to Read saving…. Return to Book Page. He contemplates what life might have been like had we not fallen, for ourselves and the rest of creation. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: This book is quire obvious in its Christian themes compared to the first book. All sounds rather pleasant.

Rather than spending a great deal of time interrupting the main storyline to explain characters, the author cleverly interwove character development with storytelling. He is horrified to find that his old enemy, Dr Weston, has also arrived and is putting him in grave peril once more.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. But it’s worth reading the boring bits just for Ransom vs.

Space Trilogy: Out of the Silent Planet / Perelandra / That Hideous Strength

He finds on his arrival that Venus is a planet almost entirely water, save for floating islands very flexible islands, with trees and animals, that rise and fall with the waves; not unlike mats of St. The Abolition of Man To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. A person who is dedicated to being irrational cannot be argued out of their position. If you have read the first in the series Out of the Silent Planet then you’ve already met “Ransom” and been introduced to the allegorical “pictures” or names used to represent God.