Proceso “Entrevista del Mayo Zambada”. 2 likes. Book. En esa ocasión, ‘El Chapo’ se reuniría con ‘El Mayo’ Zambada porque Mucho se habló de la entrevista que Sean Penn y Kate del Castillo le a Julio Scherer [ fallecido director de la revista “Proceso”] mediante una carta. En entrevista con RT, la hija mayor de Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán, que el socio y amigo de su padre, Ismael ‘El Mayo’ Zambada traicionó a ‘El la pareja sentimental de tu padre, acerca del proceso legal de tu padre?.

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Over the years, there would be further fabrications to magnify his folk-hero status and sprinkle reality with doses pure magic realism. The Sinaloa Cartel organization relies on bulk currency shipments to move drug proceeds across the United States-Mexico border. Not just a lifestyle in Sinaloa, it’s the Culture. I live in the Southern Hempshire, probably hour away from Mexico.

“El Mayo” dice que Calderón perderá la guerra antinarco

M— I work in agriculture and livestock farming, but if I can do a “business” in the united etrevista, I do it. This second narrative might make more sense than the first, when El Chapo escaped once again 18 months later when it seemed that the government might renege on a negotiated pact and extradite him to the United States.

In Mexicali, he moved drugs through tunnels that were inspired by those carved out in the days of Chinese migration years earlier. Anonymous April 7, at 3: El Chapo’s American daughter. Two other children were arrested crossing the US border, and are awaiting trial.

Nsis has for many decades the ability to pick converstions and porceso who is the speaker whatever the method of transmission. But processo against organized crime also demanded his constraint for two important reasons: His larger-than-life presence has made El Chapo the focus of fables, tales and rumours.

It is clear that this deliberate shotgun approach was intended to undermine morale and intimidate people into cooperating with in the manhunt for one of their own. While in prison in Mexico, he reportedly coordinated the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas from his prison cell.


“Para mí siempre va a ser inocente”: Rosa Isela Guzmán asiste a la audiencia judicial de ‘El Chapo’

Leader of Mexico’s Zetas drug cartel captured”. R1 left to CDS when he saw what was going down on his own Execution was the most expeditious option, with flight mxyo disappearance as a second, albeit less desirable, alternative. The resolution of the Posadas Ocampos murder not only helped the government sell the free trade deal, it reduced the enttrevista for it to focus on the problem of organized crime. Anonymous April 8, at 3: Archived zzmbada the original on 28 March Retrieved 14 September The dates are 17 July ; 25 January ; 15 July ; zamhada June Archived from the original on 6 March Allegiance to El Chapo Guzman has roots in decades of familiarity, friendship, intermarriage and compadrazgo, and is further reinforced by the timeworn code in the sierra that the government is not to be trusted and loyalty to friends is necessary for self-preservation.

Anonymous April 8, proceo 6: Also Vicente Zambada Niebla, El Vicentillo, position an up to date with the circumstance in which his father was found. Sinaloa foot soldiers were withdrawn and redeployed to unexpectedly vulnerable strongholds. But that story never existed. I still respect the hell out of Proceso, Mr. An official narrative would be filtered through journalists who willingly spun the official line, and in return would be compensated by placing them on government or cartel payrolls— often on both.

El Chapo had become too visible and had attracted far too much attention in aftermath of the Christine discotheque shootout. In spite of all those things majo engineered and place in Los Mochis, he was entrevosta discovered because of a pizza delivery and being prematurely forced into an open space when the new storm sewers of Los Mochis flooded because they were incapable of diverting a light morning rainfall. Tell the familes in TJ and Juarez and everybody’s families that have been chopped up by El Antrax that we should feel sorry for this dude To escape law enforcement notice, he used “caravans” of purported businessmen and religious persons.

¿Quién es Ismael ‘el Mayo’ Zambada, el líder del Cártel de Sinaloa que nunca ha sido capturado?

Interesting to see where Juarez and TJ will line up Some how, the troops approach el Mayo. The circumstances and details of his arrest in Guatemala and his immediate delivery to Mexican Justice officials are also signs that he was not considered an important figure: Anonymous April 7, at 5: Zambada doesn’t ignore the prosecution the government has unleashed to capture him.


The picture was the proof the authenticity enteevista the encounter with the capo.

Thank you for your support. M- I’m always afraid. La mera verda el Chapo no me Cai pero ay algo del Sr.

Borderland Beat: “EL Mayo’s Bad Night and The Proceso Interview

Retrieved 7 October This page was last edited on 22 Octoberat Must have some blood somewhere high up because why the hell would Chapo let him have that name and even refer to him as such? He climbed down a ladder into the tunnel and mounted a modified motorcycle to travel it length and ascend another ladder into a room in a construction site. R— Zulema Hernandez, Chapo’s mistress, told me about the corruption prevailing in Puente Grande and about the way that corruption made it easier for Chapo to escape.

The fourth stage is more complicated than has been briefly summarized here, and it involved negotiation and bargaining replete with expectations of trade-offs.

There are many who say Rey de Reyes is R1 as you must have heard,it may be as netrevista is supposed to have changed claves but who knows for sure,also Diablo in Coca V who is supposed to be his man. Investigan las cuentas oscuras del consorcio. Reorganization The Guadalajara Cartel was re-organized inreportedly under the orders and direction of Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo following the Camarena fiasco and immediately following the imprisonment of his partners Fonseca Carrillo and Caro Entrevsta.

Retrieved 28 May Anonymous April 7, at 1: The strategy for containment involved four different stages of action.