Other Info: The Fluke A Amplifier is a companion to the A Calibrator. It extends the A’s workload coverage. It increases maximum direct and. Buy the Used Fluke A Calibrator Amplifier for A on sale at Transcat. Free shipping over $ Rent the Fluke A Calibrator Amplifier for A at Weekly and Monthly rates available, request a quote today!.

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Testing should only be performed by qualified technicians.

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The A from Fluke is a bench top amplifier for the A and A. It extends the V range alternating voltage function up to kHz and the direct and alternating current functions up to 11 Amps.

These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their flyke. Any failure or operational deficiency information available allows us to provide the best service. Please include any information available about failures and what function the instrument was in prior to failure.


Fluke 5725A Used for Sale

Common Failures Poor Maintenance — Over time or in dusty working environments dust and debris can build up on the filter and inside the unit. This can increase internal operation temperatures affecting reliability. It can also create leakage paths that affect calibration stability and operation accuracy.

In the worst cases stray leakage caused by dust in the A can cause uncontrolled high voltage conduction within the instrument resulting f,uke and significant damage.

Low Thermal | Repair | Fluke A

Age — Very old instruments can suffer from age related failures caused by normal deterioration of components and assemblies over time. Mechanical damage — The A contains several large transformers and is very heavy.

Dropping or other impact damage from transport and shipping is not uncommon.

Test Instructions These instruments can produce or measure lethal voltages at their terminals. If the instrument is smoking or has a bad smell coming from it turn it off immediately and contact us for further instruction.

  LEY 24449 PDF

Power up the A and A. Run A instrument self diag from the utilities menu.

There are often multiple errors. Report as many as you reasonably can. If self tests pass, run cal zero from the calibration menu. If zero cal passes, run cal check from the calibration menu. If the unit has been calibrated within the last two calendar years and there is a large calibration shift reported, this can be considered a failure as well.

For any functional or calibration errors not detected by the self test and cal operations, contact us for repair. Output Tripped To Standby V supply magnitude too high in operate, most likely an external fault.