THE GRAIN AND FEED TRADE ASSOCIATION. GAFTA No ARBITRATION RULES Effective for Contracts dated from 1st March 20__. A note on the changes to Gafta Arbitration Rules. The new Arbitration Rules (Rules) came into effect from 1 September and have. The Grain and Feed Trade Association (“Gafta”) recently published a new edition of its Arbitration Rules No. (the “Gafta Arbitration Rules”).

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No part of the deposit shall be returned following receipt of notice of arbotration at any later date. Our Comment Many of these changes will be welcomed by the industry as they clarify and adapt some of the practical aspects of Gafta arbitration procedure.

NEW GAFTA RULES: give and take – Lexology

Any award made in such proceedings shall, subject only to any right of appeal pursuant to Rulrs 10, be binding on all the parties in the string and may be enforced by an intermediate party against his immediate contracting party as though a separate award had been made pursuant to each contract. Landmark UK Supreme Court ruling on default clauses and damages: Browse the Membership Directory rulees Gafta Arbitrators.

Simple Disputes Arbitration Rules No. Such costs, fees and expenses will normally follow the event. Many of these changes will be welcomed by the industry as they clarify and adapt some of the practical aspects of Gafta arbitration procedure.

The changes, having been drawn up by a committee representing the trade, highlight the benefits of a trade organisation which draws on the practical experience of its members. Follow Please login to follow content.

An award made pursuant arbjtration this Rule shall be final and binding and no appeal shall lie to a board of appeal. In the age of long chains, this is a sensible provision – one Paranagua case alone that we are handling involves a chain of over 50 parties. Upon receipt of the signed award GAFTA shall give notice to the parties named in the award that the award is at their disposal upon payment of the fees and expenses incurred by the tribunal and GAFTA.


Gafya notice shall be passed on with due despatch, in which case the time limit in Rule 10 shall be arbitratikn to have been complied with.

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The tribunal formerly appointed shall thereupon cease to act and shall not be re-appointed when the dispute is referred as aforesaid. The tribunal may call upon either party to deposit with GAFTA such sum or sums as the tribunal considers appropriate on account of fees, costs and expenses. Gafta Arbitration Rules are incorporated in all Gafta standard forms of contracts.

Alex Askew Rulea Partnership.

Gafta Arbitration Rules

Otherwise the tribunal may determine that the claim is waived and barred and refuse to admit it. Additionally, we offer contracting bodies an alternative to Arbitration, by using Mediation to resolve disputes. This no-nonsense approach will be welcomed by many. The claim may be thus renewed for successive periods of 1 year, but not to exceed more than 6 years from the date of the first notice served in accordance with Rule 2.

If the appellant is an intermediate party and is appealing as buyer or seller he shall, within the time limits set out in Rule If notice of withdrawal is received by GAFTA not later than 48 hours before the time of the ryles scheduled hearing of the appeal a third of the deposit shall be returned.

gqfta This rule is without prejudice to Rule 6, which governs the appointment of the tribunal in relation to disputes arising out of the Rye Arbitratiom clause, and Rule 5.

It shall be the duty of the tribunal to ensure the prompt progress of the arbitration, including the making of orders where appropriate. The new rules seek to do this by re-naming the heading for Rule 2. The juridical seat of the arbitration shall be, and is hereby designated pursuant to section 4 of the Arbitration Act as, England.


Where the first tier award was made by a tribunal of three arbitrators, then the board of appeal shall comprise of five members. Where the tribunal considers arbktration an oral hearing is necessary, the date, time and place will be arranged by GAFTA.

The board of appeal may in its absolute discretion extend the time limits in these Rules, and no objection that time has expired shall be taken if the requirements of Rules were previously complied with. The latest version of the No.

Where there is no such agreement between the parties they are nevertheless free to engage legal representatives to represent them in the written proceedings but not to appear on their behalf at oral hearings. Promoting International Trade View Gaftaworld articles online.

A three-day training course designed to give attendees a arbitrration understanding of contracts and the legal aspects of commodity trading. The Respondent shall, on receipt of the Appellant’s statement and any documents, issue a concise statement of his case together with supporting documents.

Gafta 125 Arbitration Rules

Gafta have however maintained the 21 day time limit for commencing arbitration for circumstances where one of the parties usually the buyer requires a Gafta arbitrator to analyse samples taken arbitrahion the purposes of resolving a dispute. An appointment of an arbitrator shall be valid and effective for all purposes provided that he has signified his acceptance of the appointment to the party appointing him, or to GAFTA, as the case may be, at any time prior to the discharge of any arbitral function.

In the event that the tribunal determines that it has jurisdiction, no appeal shall lie to a board of appeal. For example, it is the same limit set by the Hague and Hague Visby Rules.