SUPPORT HOME · Software · MANUALS · HOW TO DOWNLOAD MANUALS You can view, download and/or print your manual. Need help downloading?. GigaPan Capture Studio Manual. Capture Studio Overview. GigaPan Capture Studio allows you, the Photographer, the ability to tether your laptop directly to. GigaPan manuals are available to download and print. Choose your manual by visiting the manuals download page. Follow the directions below on how to.

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Estimate the center of mass of the camera and lens. Mount Your Camera And Lens 2. Trigger cable port – Use with electronic trigger cable to actuate the shutter and cause the camera to focus if you are using auto focus.

There are three ways for you to specify the location of your panorama: Menu Options Glossary for Firmware Version Main Menu New Panorama — Sets the upper left photo and lower right photo that defines the rectangular area of the panorama.

Attach the EPIC to a tripod. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to sidebar Membership.

This setting allows you to set the number of photographs that will be triggered per position. Adjust the focus and exposure.

How to Download Product Manuals (PDF files)

To remove the battery from the EPIC Proopen the battery compartment by flipping the latch counter-clockwise. Some cameras will light an LED while the photograph is being transferred.

You can choose which items appear on this menu to suit your preferences. The settings are Remote or Manual. When ‘Shutter Teach’ gigapn set to “On” a small “T” icon will be displayed in the upper right hand corner. Adjust the height of the camera rail and the mznual mounting plate so that the center of the lens is at the level of the platform thumbscrews attached to the EPIC Pro arms. The first assertion of the signal will flip up the mirror.


Turn the silver pin gigapaj, and then rotate the lever clockwise. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Increasing this value may help give the stitch software more common area to find control points.

A voltage of around 7 volts means your batteries will not be able to operate the EPIC Pro for much longer. If your panorama is larger than 50 megapixels, you can upload it to GigaPan. Page nanual 49 Go. You can set ‘Aspect Ratio’ to the following values of width to height 1: Recommended functions to add to the Quick Menu, include: Capturing stunning gigapixel images is easy with the GigaPan System.

EPIC Pro Introduction

Loosen the camera rail by turning the knob underneath the rail clockwise. It is important to allow enough time for the camera to process the current photograph and copy the data from the cameras buffer memory to the flash memory.

Move Camera — Moves the camera and lens from left to right and up and down using the directional keys. Secure your camera to the camera mounting plate with the camera mounting screw, centering the lens with the diamond cutout. You can take up to 20 pictures at each position. Expert Options Submenu Checklist – If this option is set to ON, a checklist of things that need to be done in order to successfully create a technically good image are presented to the user before the panorama is taken.

You also have the ability to embed your uploaded panorama on any gigwpan. It is recommended that you use the ‘Slow’ setting when using large lenses to reduce the settling time after accelerating and de-accelerating a large lens.



Last Pic Hold – Continues to assert the shutter signal after the last photograph in the panorama so that a camera does not power down. Then use the directional keys to set the upper left and gigapab right corners of your panorama.

Brackets – Exposure bracketing of 1, 3, 5, 7, or 9 photographs for HDR images by working with the camera AEB automatic exposure bracketing firmware. Shutter Teach – This setting is an alternative method of defining manua, bracketing timing or multiple pictures where you “teach” the EPIC Pro how you would like the camera’s shutter button to be pressed.

Page 7 Platform Thumbscrews – Loosen or tighten the thumbscrews to move the camera mounting platform. Plug the connector end of the power cord into the battery and then plug the power cord into an AC wall socket. Small, lightweight and easy-to-use, EPIC is ideal for travel and adventure. Verify that a memory card has been inserted into the camera and that it is not full. Member Log In Username Password.

You will not be able to increase the depth of field to cover the entire distance, especially if you are using a longer focal length.

GigaPan User Guide 2. By paying close attention to the focus both before and during shooting, you can create panoramas wih ulta high resolition and incredible clarity in their detail. If your camera body or lens has Image Stabilization, turn the feature off.