Two arms of British administration originated (Secretary of State of India, Viceroy and Governor General of India to look after the administration of India). A comprehensive web page on general knowledge related to British Governor Generals and Viceroys in India. Download the PDF list of Governor General & Viceroy of India. Prepare strongly for General Knowledge for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL & Railways.

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Lord Linlithgow Government of India Act enforced in provinces. Opened first Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agar in Your way of giving information is great. The governor-general regularly used the title in communications with the Imperial Legislative Councilbut all legislation was made only in the name of the Governor-General-in-Council or the Government of India. The Jallianwala Bagh tragedy of occured during his period. He is also known as the maker of modern India. The remaining princely rulers were overseen either by the Rajputana Agency and Central India Agencywhich were headed by representatives of the Viceroy, or by provincial authorities.

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Connect with us on. He also suppressed female infanticide and child sacrifice.

Lord Mayo Started financial decentralization in Gemerals. Introduced Charter Act of India was divided into numerous provinceseach under the head of a governorLieutenant Governor or Chief Commissioner or Administrator. In usage, “viceroy” is employed where the governor-general’s position as the monarch’s representative is in view. Viceroyx was the Viceroy of India, who was killed by a convict in the Andaman Islands.


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Lord Hardinge Partition of Bengal was cancelled and capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in Most Popular on Eduncle.

Inthe Lieutenant Governor of Bengal took up residence there.

List of Governor General and Viceroy of India (Complete List)

The Lord Napier acting — Of those Viceroys who were not peers, Sir John Shore was a baronetand Lord William Bentinck was entitled to the courtesy title ‘ Lord ‘ because geerals was the son of a Duke.

He stopped annual pension to Mughal Emperor and reduced the pension of the Nawab of Bengal. Hello Suhail, Greetings from Eduncle! Please see to it. It was meant to indicate new responsibilities, especially ritualistic ones, but it conferred no new statutory authority.

The office of Governor-General continued to exist as a ceremonial post in each of the new dominions until they adopted republican constitutions in and Respectively. Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. The Pre-mutiny period indeed is most crucial in the sense that it took more than geneals decades for the expansion of the commercial and political interests of the Company. The power to elect the Governor-General was retained by the Court of Directors, but the choice became subject to the Sovereign’s approval.


Viceroys and Governor: Indian National Movement

We value your generous feedback. Established Postal system which made communication easier. You can drop your queries in the comment box provided below. As provided under the Act, there were to be four members of the Council elected by the Court of Directors.

List of Governor General and Viceroy of India (Complete List)

Lord Wavell – Simla conference and Cabinet mission are associated with his period. Inmotivated by corruption in the Company, the British government assumed partial control over the governance of India with the passage of the Regulating Act of The Governor-General was styled Excellency and enjoyed governkr over all other government officials in India. The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma [nb 12] — He was succeeded by C.