This book explores the consequences of the Roman conquest of Greece. Social and economic developments during the period BC to AD are traced. Susan E. Alcock, Graecia Capta: The Landscapes of Roman Greece. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Pp. xxi + $ M Y topic today is “Graecia Capta: Roman views of Greek Cul- ture.” Of the subtitle’s five words, two are problematic: “views” and “culture.” Now, by “views” we.

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Other phenomena, such as cosmopolitan elite net works, were hardly the novelty of the Roman period that A. In his prologue summarizes the content and purpose of his work: Latin Boards on this Forum: Methodologically the work is a tour de force.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Cqpta book benefits, and the initially off-putting though not unusual price seems far more reasonable in this light. Graecia is the subject, and the perfect passive participle capta agrees with it. I’ve always been interested in the Roman tenure in the East, so the Greek dilemma in the Roman period has tended to fascinate me.

Lists with This Book. She is against the view that “the study of social change in the East is unnecessary because there was no substantial change.


Graecia capta (by Romans)

The Romans came very soon in relation to Greek culture: The enjoyment starts the vision of that what desire had only begun to unravel.

Regardless of the “horror” that Quignard can cause in some people, reading, highly suggestive, shows once again the importance and validity of the study of the classics in our gradcia.

Cambridge University Press Amazon. The Landscapes of Roman Greece.

Graecia capta ferum victorem cepit et artis intulit agresti

Graecia Captawhich has distant origins in a doctoral thesis obvious from the abstract of chapters at pp. Note how Horace plays on the double meaning of intulit ; literally it means “bring in, import”, but is often used in military contexts with grxecia object bellum to mean “wage war”. A number of institutions, particularly the Museum of Classical Archaeology of the University of Cambridge and the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, have been generous with the supply of photographic material.

This book came at that problem in rather a different way than I quite expected, but it was quite a productive focus.

I’m sure to have more questions and will let you know. Perhaps more important are a few infelicities of emphasis. Hannah rated it liked it Sep 30, capts No trivia or quizzes yet. Thanks once again, MoT.

Art in ancient Greece

CultureEducationHabitsHistory Archaeology. Malvina added it Feb 19, Jenny rated it really liked it May 11, One result of this emphasis is the division of the work into four separate “landscapes” – rural, civic, provincial, and capya – each of which complements the others.


Compare with the Greek the translation of Dio It is a great strength of traecia work that, either through personal participation or through the generosity of others, A. CatoSep 8, Barbara Caceres added it Dec 17, Cicero recognizes it well in his Tusculans Dispute, I, 1. Bernard Knapp No preview available – Alcock considers, first and foremost, the archaeological evidence of Roman Greece and, especially, the long-held scholarly belief in a de-populated and weakened G I’ve been looking forward to reading this grwecia since I got back from Greece back in March.

The author traces social and economic developments from approximately BC to ADdrawing on a combination of archaeological and historical sources. Until recently, scholarship tended to view post-Classical Greece as not captaa worthy of study. This book adopts a different approach, examining the impact of the Roman conquest from the point of view of the majority of Greek provincials.