PROBLEMÁTICA DEL GUSANO BARRENADOR DEL GANADO, Cochliomyia hominivorax (Coquerel, ) EN COLOMBIA THE PROBLEM OF SCREWWORM. The new world screwworm fly, Cochliomyia hominivorax, in larval stage is an obligate parasite of mammals and humans, causing traumatic myiasis. The female. “Comision Mexico-Americana Para la Erradicacion del Gusano Barrenador del Ganado.” Special Collections, USDA National Agricultural Library. Accessed.

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In spite of these efforts, the success expected was not achieved because of the presence of microclimates where the parasite could overwinter, the impossibility of controlling wildlife migration and the absence of natural barriers that could impede the parasites’ movement.

This clearly demonstrated the failure of the sterile fly barrier. This programme ganaeo the states on both sides of the United States-Mexico border. The success of this international cooperation, which culminated in Mexico being declared NWS-free inis one of the greatest achievements in animal health in this century.

Gusano Barrenador del Ganado

Occasionally cases were found in human beings. El inicio de la erradicacion en Colombia, podria encontrar dificultades geograficas, politicas y,principalmente, economicas. The culmination of the programme will be the establishment of a biological barrier in the Darien zone of Panama, barrenadro by new techniques of sterile insect production with gel media and cheaper dispersal of insects, as already described.

The infestation begins when the screwworm eggs incubated in the wound of an animal or host and the larva proceeds to feed of the live flesh. The original plan to build the gusani in three sea vessels was discarded because of the high operation costs involved. Throughout Latin America population growth makes it necessary to optimize food production, yet without extending the agricultural frontiers to avoid the destruction of forests and jungles.


LouisMO, US. The tape hatching or dorsal suture is a weak line along the ovule from the operculum to the opposite end, which opens at the time that the first instar larvae is ready to go, and between hours after posture. However in eradication of NWS was fully achieved.

In Mexico, cases detected in in the northeastern zone of the country, mostly in bovines, were caused by the introduction of ganad single female sheep from the State of Yucatan enzootic zone ; and six cases were detected in in the port of Acapulco Guerrero in bovines transported from Panama. It can be anything from barrenadorr tick bite up to a larger wound, barrenaddor navel cut, dehorning, castration, tears due to wiring, fresh cow vulvas, etc.

They are of short duration so they are not usually collected at this stage for identification. Adults have an exceptional ability to travel up to kms, in less than two weeks. They are blue — bright green metallic colored, their eyes are reddish orange. This animal suffers general discomfort; loss of appetite and the females produces less milk.

The respective associations of Mexican and United States livestock owners, therefore, decided to request their governments to take combined action in both countries to eradicate the screwworm from the territories.

The sterile insect technique is now in use to eliminate the fly in other areas of Central America. This was to avoid the constant interruptions in insect delivery to the packaging and dispersal centres caused by mechanical maintenance problems and adverse meteorological conditions for flying. Eradication of NWS is important for increasing livestock production for a growing population without encroaching on the forests, jungles and environment of Central and South America.


Richard Wall 35 Estimated H-index: The country was divided into three large regions to facilitate inspection and the dispersal of sterile insects.

The animals infested with screwworm may die in a few days if the wounds are not healed. The Mission, Texas plant was closed to avoid the escape of fertile insects in the screwworm-free zone.

The new world screwworm in Mexico and Central America

Tannahill 1 Estimated H-index: In December the Government of Guatemala signed a technical and scientific cooperation agreement with the Commission, marking the beginning of the eradication programme.

Mexico-US Commission Projections Despite the topographical, communicational, social and economic difficulties dek, the eradication work in the isthmus of Central America should continue. Extent 1 online resource 2 unnumbered pages. Infested wounds are treated using diverse products. The New World screwworm NWSCochliomyia hominivorax Coquerelhas existed on the American continent see Figure 1 from ancient times, and its name is found gandao all the principal indigenous dialects.

The screwworm has seriously affected the livestock in the American Continent, and specially the cattle. However, South America is still infested. In the case of batrenador male they are united holoptical and in the female there is a separation between both eyes dichopticand they are about twice the size of a housefly. Eradication of NWS through the sterile insect technique provides a great opportunity to achieve this without using environment-polluting chemicals.