Er ist wieder da has ratings and reviews. Emily said: Although I read this book in German, there are already lots of German reviews and it m. Look Who’s Back is a bestselling German satirical novel about Adolf Hitler by Timur Vermes, Author, Timur Vermes. Language, German . “Ha, ha, Hitler”. Buy Ha Vuelto by Timur Vermes (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.

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The book is written humorously in some passages, but only understandable if one shoves the gruesome events hs the leadership of the Nazis aside.

Now, listen here… Gagmez: By staying true to our Protestant values, by valuing the true American, and by replacing the present policy of globalism — which has moved so many jobs and tlmur much wealth out of our country — and replacing it with a new policy of Americanism. A natural part of my body, my moustache, is in no question superior to a sham of a monstrosity as a toupee!

Want to Read saving…. Feel free to do so, I’d love to hear other thoughts on this book and my review.

I really hope this book to have a sequel, because the ending was not solved and even if sometimes I thought, ‘damn, I shouldn’t laugh about this’ there are some parts very funny, not just easy jokes.

Books by Timur Vermes. vyelto

Such monkeys will come in future also. The audiobook read by Christoph Maria Herbst also reached the top spot. Das stammt sie eben nicht. I decided to leave my review until tomorrow and went out for a run along the Thames.

Er ist wieder da

Hey, be all against Hitler the way you want, if you so choose to avoid anything that portrays him in less than the light of the psychopath you think he was, that’s your choice. Machen wir uns nichts vor. Amazon rejected it, stating that it did not meet Amazon’s regulations and guidelines.


It’s something you think you might find appalling. The book is very clever, the author was very intelligent indeed. Dort verbreitet er seine nationalsozialistischen Parolen, die als polarisierende Comedy angesehen werden. I am in a walking phase of my workout, Timur’s book firmly forgotten, when Fermes became aware of a memorial vfrmes I had never before noticed.

You want him locked away, yet you want to see what other honours this society will laud him with. The original audiobook version is read by comedian Vhelto Maria Herbst and by May had sold overcopies.

Bestseller-Roman “Er ist wieder da” – Ha, ha, Hitler – Kultur –

Lest es am besten bald, damit die vermmes Anspielungen noch aktuell sind! How would he deal with the large number of foreign immigrants living in contemporary Germany, not to mention its political agenda? I can understand that.

Also, without apportioning blame or pointing fingers, I felt that the book was also saying both ‘This must not happen again’ but also subtly and cleverly highlighting exactly how it could easily happen again. We are reflecting on ourselves. Vermes writes him in such a way that he vuepto comes across simply as an old gentleman who loves animals and children and who believes in strong leadership for his people.

Bestseller-Roman “Er ist wieder da” – Ha, ha, Hitler

Denn egal, ob man darf oder nicht, zumindest mein Weltbild wurde hier einmal komplett durch den Mixer gedreht. Thus why is it that my purity is compared to a falsity? Published September by Seix Barral first published September 1st See all 6 questions about Er ist wieder da…. Ohne Krieg, ohne Partei, ohne Eva. Mein Gesamteindruck kann daher nur lauten: The book also has a lot to say and suggest about modern life and today’s saturated media culture, and for me this was where the book was at its best.


Zapravo, pravo pitanje je: I think Timur would have been able to deliver his cathartic face-slapping to much better effect had he chosen to write a fictional biography of Adolf Hitler. Well, stay tuned and hold on tight to your seats if you want to find out, because tonight we have something really exceptional for you.

He has really existed. Vuelyo the supremacy of the Aryan blood in him has overpowered the Negroid and it manifested itself in his competency. Which again brings up a point: And these devices are not even more sophisticated, they have been in use in the last two or more centuries, they haa already been used in the times of the first and second World War.

Film rights were sold, as were foreign license rights. Anyway, it was fun, a diversion, oh, and had a great cover and a bunch of great quotes about the press, TV, celebrity, political parties, war, the Volk, and German women, oh, and Germany.

There’s a point where Hitler complains about the overloading of electronical devices, e.

H ist wieder da 4. Over and over again. Hitler is deposited into the middle of modern-day Germany without any explanation whatsoever.

Can you really think that someone who shows how Hitler would be very willing to exterminate at least a few millions of our fellow citizens who are of foreign descent, that someone who warns cermes to be careful for our fellow human beings, all of our fellow human beings, that someone like this is a Nazi?

Aber dieser fiktive Hitler ist von dem echten Diktator so weit entfernt, wie Schalke 04 von der Meisterschale.