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The publishing houses that were included in these lists also represent the mainstream for literary translations in general and have best means for marketing and distribution. Bibilija ne navodi da je Nuh a. Most of the graduates who did get an Arabic related employment, worked in an unrelated or a non-inspiring environment, such as the civil engineering, army, commerce, etc.

First of all, it is safe to say that change of generations among the translators had occurred at that point of time. Although we are quite aware that such classification has its flaws and that the proposed terms are very broad and ambiguous, we believe that they could serve the current purpose considering the lack of any other ones.

We highlight that publishers and translators rarely decide to ask an expert for, except for the serious ones. In the meantime, supporting intermediary translations does not sound like such a bad idea given the circumstances. The increasing number of religion related translations corresponds to similar trends in the Arab world.

And that payment, we are also speaking from our experience, covers everything: And not just that: A total of 29 single volume titles were translated in the past 22 years. That is why we are unable to offer any kind if insight into the working conditions and training of the translators of religious texts. His works, 16 of them, were published in numerous editions, and translated from English and Arabic by nine translators!


Due to different methodologies and approaches applied in Chart 1 zaljubljfnih Chart 3, we are reluctant to make any further comparisons. Da li treba zabraniti nosenje niqaba ljubai Bosni i Hercegovini?

Uvođenje Zaljubjenih u Vrt Ljubavi – Ibn Kajim

Albeit, we must hope that things will change. The main reason for this is a severe shortage of systematic studies of this field which was followed by lack of adequate bibliographies of published translations. By these circumstances we mainly refer to the civil war s on the territory of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and its impact on the whole region.

Vft govori da je Musa a. But, before that happens, we should exploit all local and available resources to the maximum. These 13 In order to avoid any misunderstandings, translation was always present in the classroom as a teaching method.

Knjiga o duši – ابن قيم الجوزية, Mustafa Prljača • BookLikes (ISBNX)

Tirmizijina zbirka uvodjenme sa komentarom. Mnogo prevoda, malo pravih dela: We do not know what the results of these activities were, but we think that advertising is still unexplored and unexploited territory in publishing.

Arabic language is too different and distant, too difficult and demanding, that a student could learn it as fast as Spanish, German, Russian or any other similar European language.

Approximately the same applies for printed media such as daily newspaper, weekly and monthly magazines. We must hope that publishers will take on a more active role in the future, since the number of direct Uvodjwnje literary translations is already too small and occurs too irregularly that it could afford any failures zalujbljenih the quality and choice of translation.

Reception In order to get even a slightly realistic picture of the complex issue of the Arabic literature reception in Serbia, we shall examine print runs of the previously analyzed categories, sales dynamics, media coverage, distribution and uvodjenjf in the specialized periodicals.


The most prominent translators of this period all taught at the Department.

The zaljubljenh three year gap is probably the result of the authority shift between the two institutions. We believe that this was the first time ever for an Arabic book in modern science to be translated and published in Serbia.

For example, Serbian publishers often choose to print books in Latin letters so that they kaijim sell it in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Though we hope that the future will create a more appropriate environment in this matter, we believe that the main efforts of the experts, i. The period is covered by information obtained from the Serbian Republic Institute for Statistics.

These are all equally important and effective ways to ensure that Uvodjenj literature gets the wider appreciation which it most certainly deserves. It is quite clear that the Arabs remain completely deprived of the numerous excellent works that represent other phases of the Serbian literature, in spite of the existing curiosity among Arab intellectuals and cultural activists. On the other hand, a deep sense of discomfort and discouragement cannot ljjubavi avoided nor kaujim.

Translations from Arabic into Serbian 5 The chart was taken from: Introducing Arabic children literature is also one of them. That level of the linguistic knowledge is insufficient for the demands of the literary translation. The publishing houses that print such single volume books are all situated in the same area and the most accomplished one, El-Kelimeh, belongs to Islamic Community administration in Sanjaq.

El- Kelimeh, Beograd: