Immunoelectrophoresis. BCH To learn the technique of immunoelectrophoresis. -Technique based on the principles of electrophoresis of antigens and. Immunoelectrophoresis is a general name for a number of biochemical methods for separation and characterization of proteins based on electrophoresis and. Immunoelectrophoresis is a variation of the Ouchterlony double diffusion in gel . a two-step procedure that combines the principles of zone electrophoresis and.

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The principles underlying each method and the strengths pricniple weaknesses of each is described. Views Read Edit View history. This is because the amount of protein antigen decreases from the centre of the band so that there is immunoelecttophoresis excess in the centre but equivalency of antibody and antigen concentration towards the edges, causing less reaction in the centre and more towards the periphery. Only the IgG remains in the gel see Figure b and text for more details.

Migration is towards the positive electrode at the bottom. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta The introduction of the immunoelectrophoretic analysis gave a great boost immunoelectrophoresks protein chemistry, some of the very first results were the resolution of proteins in biological fluids and biological extracts.

Immunoprecipitation will take place during the second dimension electrophorsis and the immunoprecipitates have a characteristic bell-shape, immunoelectrophoreiss precipitate representing one antigen, the position of the precipitate being dependent on the amount of protein as well as the amount of specific antibody in the gel, so relative quantification can be performed.


Application to the study of monoclonal proteins. Notice that as the urine is diluted, a thinned out donut starts to develop because the antigen concentration is too high so that little reaction occurs with the fixation antibody. Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 41 suppl.

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Immunofixation electrophoresis IFE is preferred over immunoelectrophoresis because of its greater sensitivity and simpler interpretation characteristics. Other symbols and abbreviations are the same as in Figure. IFE can also be used for identifying oligoclonal banding in cerebrospinal fluid.

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This type of immunoelectrophoreisis is easier to interpret and more sensitive than the IEP that it replaced. Affinity immunoelectrophoresis is based on changes in the electrophoretic pattern of proteins through specific interaction or complex formation with other macromolecules or ligands.

Proteins are separated by electrophoresis, then antibodies are applied in a trough next to the separated proteins and immunoprecipitates are formed after a period of diffusion of the separated proteins and antibodies against each other. Key concepts Immunoelectrophoresis differs from blotting techniques because with IE the entire procedure is conducted in an agarose gel and blotting is not necessary.

The track on the left shows agarose gel serum electrophoresis SPE. Immunoprecipitation Chromatin immunoprecipitation Immunodiffusion Ouchterlony double immunodiffusion Radial immunodiffusion Immunoelectrophoresis Counterimmunoelectrophoresis.

Grabar P and Williams CA Method permitting the combined study of the electrophoretic and the immunochemical properties of protein mixtures; application to blood serum.


Symbols and abbreviations immunoelectrophoreeis the same as in Figure. The antisera against light chains includes antibodies that react with intact bound to heavy chains light chain B and unattached free light chains F.


Sign up for e-alerts. The sensitivity and resolving power of principe immunoelectrophoresis is than that of the classical immunoelectrophoretic analysis and there are multiple variations of the technique useful for various purposes. Normal serum sample which serves as a control C or a sample from the patient P is placed in the sample well of appropriate strips, as indicated.

Towbin Immunoeledtrophoresis, Staehalin T and Gordon J Electrophoretic transfer of proteins from polyacrylamide gels to nitrocellulose sheets, procedures and some applications. Two factors determine that immunoelectrophoretic methods are not widely used.

Each patient arc is compared with the control arc on the other side of the respective trough see Figure a for an actual illustration. The patient P shows an arc that is more dense than the control on the other side of the trough containing antisera against IgG.

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The track on the right shows the same serum sample after immunofixation of IgG with antibody specific for IgG, washing and staining. The antisera are layered separately over each lane. They do not represent monoclonal free light chains Bence Jones proteins.