Introducing Psychology has 73 ratings and 5 reviews. Zoe said: UPDATE *** WILLING TO SELL *** This book was really helpful for my Fall Psycholog. With an author team equally at home in the classroom, in the lab, or on the bestseller list, this book is written to keep students turning the pages. It offers expert. Daniel L. Schacter, Harvard University; Daniel T. Gilbert, Harvard University; Introducing Psychology is distinguished by an author team equally at home in.

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Chapter 01 Figures and Photos. Chapter 02 Figures and Inrroducing. Chapter 03 Figures and Photos. Chapter 04 Figures and Photos. Chapter 05 Figures and Photos. Chapter 06 Figures and Photos. Chapter 07 Figures and Photos. Chapter 08 Figures and Photos. Chapter 09 Figures and Photos. Chapter 10 Figures and Photos. Chapter 11 Figures and Photos. Chapter 12 Figures and Photos. Chapter 13 Figures and Photos. Chapter 14 Figures and Photos. Chapter 15 Figures and Photos.


Find out which version you should download by referring to this chart. Get help downloading instructor resources by visiting our Support Center. Chapter 01 Image Slides.

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Chapter 07 Image Slides. Chapter 08 Image Slides. Chapter 09 Image Slides. Chapter 10 Image Slides. Chapter 11 Image Slides. Chapter 12 Image Slides. Danel 13 Image Slides.

Chapter 14 Image Slides. Chapter 15 Image Slides. Chapter 01 Lecture Slides. Chapter 02 Lecture Slides. Chapter 03 Lecture Slides. Chapter 04 Lecture Slides. Chapter 05 Lecture Slides. Chapter 06 Lecture Slides.

Chapter 07 Lecture Slides. Chapter 08 Lecture Slides. Chapter 09 Lecture Slides. Chapter 10 Lecture Slides. Chapter 11 Lecture Slides.


Chapter 12 Lecture Slides. Chapter 13 Lecture Slides. Chapter 14 Lecture Slides. Chapter 15 Lecture Slides. Need help downloading the Test Bank? If you need assis If you need assistance with downloading the files to your computer, contact Macmillan tech support at Test Bank – Mac. Test Bank – PC. Introducing Intrpducing is distinguished by an author team eq Also highlighted—the popular Data Visualization Activities, a unique resource for building quantitative reasoning skills.


Introducing Psychology

For more, see New to this Edition. Chapter 01 Word IRM. Chapter 02 Word IRM. Chapter 03 Word IRM. Chapter 04 Word IRM.

Introducing Psychology () | Macmillan Learning

Chapter 05 Word IRM. Chapter 06 Word IRM. Chapter 07 Word IRM. Chapter 08 Word IRM. Chapter 09 Word IRM. Chapter 10 Word IRM. Chapter 11 Word IRM. Chapter 12 Word IRM. Chapter 13 Word IRM. Chapter 14 Word Introduding. Chapter 15 Word IRM. Affordable, digital options on the Macmillan Learning Student Store. Chapter Figures and Photos. Chapter Figures and Photos Select a file to download electronic file: Image Slides Select a file to download electronic file: Lecture Slides Select a file to download electronic file: Test Bank Select a file to download electronic file: Visit Our Student Store Save money.