J. Hillis Miller. The Critic as Host not much of an argument. A certain notion of history or of literary his- tory, like a certain notion of determinable reading. The prominent Yale critic, J. Hillis Miller’s The Critic as host could be viewed as a reply to M.H. Abrams The Deconstructive Angel, which he. R ichard L. W. C larke LITS No tes 11B 1 J. HILLIS MILLER, “THE CRITIC AS HOST”Miller, J. Hillis. “The Critic as Host.” Theory Now and.

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From this developed the two modern meanings in English —— the biological and social. Hillis Miller Archived at the Wayback Machine. The word ‘parasite’ originated etymologically from the Greek xritic.

I do not necessarily endorse, support, sanction, encourage, verify or agree with the opinions or statements of any information or other content in the comments on this site and do not in any way guarantee their accuracy or reliability. It is host in the sense of victim, sacrifice that which is broken, divided, passed around, consumed by the critics.

Eliot is a cubist artist that offers the reader a collage of various fragments: Henry Sussman – – Fordham University Ghe.


Originally ‘parasite’ was something positive. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. History of Western Xritic. The word ‘parasite’ evokes the image of an ivy tree, the deconstructive reading that feeds on a mighty masculine oak, the univocal reading, and finally destroys the host. Gift giving is the binding or sealing of the reciprocal obligation.

To receive or give a gift is a profoundly dangerous or equivocal act. David Lodge and Nigel Wood. Given the many commas in this line, the reader too will be breathing through short and infrequent sighs, like those of the weary people going about their daily lives.


J.hilkis reader will incorporate the text into his or her own knowledge. John 27 November at It is part of the perpetual interplay or mirror play among these four entities. A host in the sense of a guest, moreover, is both a friendly visitor in the house and at the same time an alien presence who hoost the home into a hotel, a neutral territory.

j.hi,lis Beukeboom – – Bioessays 34 6: The characters are fragments within the fragments of the poem, as Bloom remarks: Does metaphysics enter the language-learning apparatus of each new baby born into that culture and shape the apparatus after its own patterns? Thus Miller proves that cirtic word has a reciprocal, antithetical meaning built in, and that these words are intertwined in their etymology. As a result, the interpretation dissolves, and the original item in the poem returns to the center of focus.

The Critic as Parasite | Chad Parkhill

He is not the supreme poet, nor is he the first of poets. Of this book only 25 copies have been printed. It is the third element in the triangle. Louisiana State UP, The host and the parasite are fellow guests beside the food, sharing it. Reasons for complexity and equivocal richness. These are present within the domicile of the poem in that curious phantasmal way, affirmed, negated, sublimated, twisted, straightened out, travestied Miller asks a vital question at the beginning of his essay: A text is a reader, and a reader is a text.

With the intertextual references, this is simpler. Eliot won the Nobel Prize for literature, and more than 90 years after The Waste Land was written, this poem is still widely read and appreciated. Abramswho presented a paper, “The Deconstructive Angel,” at a session of the Modern Language Association in Decembercriticizing deconstruction and the methods of Miller.


The deconstructionist reading contains the obvious one and vice versa. Eliot in Poets of Reality: For example Shelley borrows from Dante throughout his poem. In his essay “The Deconstructive Angel,” Abrams argued that there is a fixed univocal meaning for a text and if we use deconstructive strategies History will become impossibility.

It was quite different to what I had imagined, especially because it included three research talks. The antithetical nature of the words ‘host’ and ‘guest’ shows the great complexity and equivocal richness of the apparently obvious and univocal language.

J. Hillis Miller, The Critic as Host – PhilPapers

The object given is intimately connected to the giver. Click here to sign up.

Comprehensive Research and Study Guide. It simply meant someone who shares food with you, a fellow guest. Harold Bloom has formed a concept of the anxiety of influence to clarify the indebtedness of poets of a generation to the older generations.

It must have been a cannibal consumer of earlier poems. That we have resorted to it is understandable, since not ax people like to question their most cherished beliefs about their role in the world even if that role is one that very few people actually make a living from. Courcy Williamdes – forthcoming – Acta Biotheoretica.