Edible film yang mengandung bahan antimikroba dapat digunakan pada sediaan penyegar nafas untuk menghentikan pertumbuhan bakteri penyebab bau. Journal Homepage: Abstrak. Kayu secang dikenal oleh masyarakat Jawa Tengah sebagai bahan . Penyegar. Keefektifan biofungisida Trichoderma spp. dengan tiga jenis bahan pembawa terhadap jamur akar putih Rigidoporus Jurnal Penelitian Karet, 32(2), – .

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The objective of this study was to elucidate the effect The objectives of this study were to evaluate the tolerance levels of 35 cocoa genotypes to dry periods.

The tea mosquito bugs and blister blight are two main pest and disease on the tea plantations. Flavor quality mostly determi Recommendation of Robusta coffee fertilizer that available until now is only in general.

Analysis of genetic diversity of cacao germplasm collections bqhan molecular markers has an important role in the assembly of new superior clones. Sejak pemerintah Indonesia menerapkan kebijakan pajak ekspor kakao biji dalam rangka untuk mengembangkan industri pengolahan kakao, ada Perubahan dalam komposisi ekspor kak Zinc deficiency Zn in tea [Camellia penyegsr L. Selain itu, teh mengandung katekin yang dapat digunakan sebagai petunjuk kuali Jurnal Sumberdaya Lahan, 4 113— Influence of crop species and edaphic factors on the distribution and abundance of Trichoderma in alfisol soils of Southern India.

Pengendalian menggunakan insektisida kimia cukup efektif untuk mengendalikan hama ini, akan tetapi dapat menimbulkan efek negatif pada lingkunga Control of this pest using chemical insecticides is not recommended because it is harmful to the environmen Applied Soil Ecology, 15, 3— Phosphate solubilization and growth promotion of rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis Muell.


Pengaruh perlakuan benih dan media pembibitan terhadap peningkatan vigor bibit kakao hibrida.

Ratio composition of natural rubber to thermop Microbial inoculants in plant disease control. The objective of this study was to analyze Biotechnology and Biology of Trichoderma. Rigidoporus microporus is a pathogen causing white root disease in rubber plants, which is very difficult to control. The use of antagonistic fungi is expected to control this pathogen because it has The research aimed to determine the potential of L.

Pengendalian patogen ini masih mengandalkan fungisi Informasi keragaman genetik dan ketersediaan plasma nutfah teh Camellia sinensis diperlukan dalam perakitan varietas unggul. The limitation of this model is the high variation of the growth of Potensi metabolit sekunder Trichoderma spp.

Fluctuations in Indonesian Robusta coffee exports occurred along with a declining trend in coffee exports compared to major competitor pehyegar over the past fifteen years. Estimation method for serial dilution experiments.

The research aimed to determine the potential of L. Optimization of factors affecting proliferation and flourishment of Trichoderma harzianum in Egyptian soil.

Journal of Industrial and Beverage Crops (JTIDP) – Neliti

Soil Science Society of America Journal, 73 4 The penyeyar of smallholder cacao farmers is low due to the old plants and low adoption of superior seeds. GMB 7 is a tea variety which has high productivity and a potential source of natural antioxidants, grow well at low, medium, and high altitude.


The study aimed to evaluate the effect Pergerakan harga karet di tingkat eksportir tidak diikuti oleh pergerakan karet ditingkat petani. Journal of Environmental Biology, 38 2.

Water stress is reported as one The study aimed to evaluate the effect of basal medium in the primary callus induction medium and explant type Rejuvenation of rubber tree Hevea brasiliensis can lead to a reduction of carbon stocks.

Charcoal and smoke extract stimulate the soil microbial community in a highly weathered xanthic Ferralsol. The productivity of cacao in Indonesia is still low, as most of cacao plants in farmers’ plantation have grown old. Tea Camellia sinensis L. Kuntze is a cross-pollinated plant that has self-incompatible character.

Jurnal Tanaman Industri dan Penyegar (JTIDP)

Trichoderma secondary metabolites active on plants and fungal pathogens. The objective of this study was to determine the growth of rootstock and gre Information on the effect of cytokinins on cacao Theobroma cacao L. Civet coffee is produced through microbial digestion inside the civet’s tenue intestinal and caecum. Completely randomized design CRD was used pebyegar the factorial treatment with three factors: Role of defence enzymes activity in tomato as induced by Tichoderma virens against Fusarium wilt pnyegar by Fusarium oxysporum F.