The Pasteurization of France, trans. A. Sheridan and J. Law, Cambridge Mass.: Harvard University Press, , BRUNO LATOUR The ‘Franslatcd by Aian Sheridan andjolin r^iw The Pasteurization of France Bruno Latour Translated by Alan Sheridan and John Law. The Pasteurization of France [Bruno Latour, Alan Sheridan, John Law] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What can one man accomplish.

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The Pasteurization of France

Scientific rhetoric often channels the reader’s attention in a single central direction, like latoru War and Peace of Microbes a valley cutting through mountains. The reason for this style, which in the literary criticism of an earlier day would be called “involved” or “cautious,” is simple.

The wound was enough: So there are “anonymous” researchers? Here I contrast the different control groups with one another, so that each argument about context or content can be replaced by a new hnkage between society and its sciences.

The Pasteurization of France — Bruno Latour | Harvard University Press

The analyst does not have to know. He did everything; he regenerated, revolu- tionized, created the new medicine, the new biology, the new hygiene. In sum, it is an indisputable case and and therefore a perfect example for my argument. There was controversy about the danger of cemeteries. Pasteur to provide us with a few new discoveries as fruitful as the previous ones”p.

We cut, pasteurkzation resected, we sewed up the stomach, the intestines, the liver and its biliary vesicle, the lqtour, the kidney, the pancreas itself. He imposes his preconceived certainties on the investigation.


This is proved ;asteurization the fact that Koch or the doctors of the Concours Medical opened up controversies on the very same objects, which seemed to the hygienists to be irreversibly closed.

So with that in mind I have some problem with your sentence: But his criticisms intersect with those of the “backward-looking” Peter.

The Pasteurization of France by Bruno Latour

Thus, all the great problems of hygiene — overcrowding, quaran- tine, latoyr, refuse, dirt — were gradually retranslated or dissipated. But this is not at all the case. The Pasteurians were to displace or trans- late the intentions of the hygienists by adopting their projects, while adding to them an element that would strengthen both the hygienists and the Pasteurians.

In particular, they do not wait for the sociologist to define for them the society in which they live. Peter does not want to turn a scientific experiment into a miraculous, divine event and to be extended without proof frabce every disease. Up to our own time biology has derived its prestige from its influence on health and most of its income from the social security system. Instead, it is a result of the war, where the multiple forces from the social, economic, political, and cultural levels are interconnected.

They were everywhere, but were everywhere weak, and we know how many epidemics, how many outbreaks of typhus, cholera, yellow fever, got through those ill- defended frontiers. And the most powerful agent in the diffusion and translation of Pasteurism was hygienists.

I must admit that there is no established stock of such concepts, especially not in the so-called human sciences, particularly sociology. Time — that is, the distinction between moments — is the distant consequence of actions to make a particular position durable. The method I use does not require us to decide in advance on a list of actors and possible actions.


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Semiotics provides me with a discipline, but since it is too meticulous to cover a period of fifty years and thousands of pages, the semiotic method is here limited to the interdefinition of actors and to the chains of translations. But it must be clearly understood that in social physics there is no law of inertia. Irreduction of The Sciences. Before, everything had to be taken into account, but in a disconnected fashion; now the hygienist could also take everything into account, but in the order laid down by the microbe’s performances.

It was not always convenient to follow Bouchardat’s prudent advice to latoour assisting at births to wait several days before doing so again. Something would surely be gained by this: You will need new medication to fight diseases. Nothing must be ignored, nothing dismissed.

From the only point of view known to statistics, this mis- cellany of disparate facts can only produce the following: August 20, at 7: The issue is at once 36 War and Peace of Microbes much more simple and much more difficult.

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