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on Working Time, (Ley sobre la Jornada de Trabajo), of 12 (Boletín Oficial No. , 25 June , p.3). Decreto Ley N° _pdf . 2), as amended up to 26 November by Law No. Ley Nopdf on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers (Decreto Ley n° Ley pdf. click on on the Working Conditions of Domestic Workers ( Decreto Ley n° sobre el régimen de trabajo del (Boletín Oficial No.

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The weekly rest period falls on the Sunday, and on the day immediately preceding or following the Sunday if the period is longer than 24 hours. The hours of work shall not exceed 48 hours per week.

Royal-Decree regulating the special labour relation of domestic workers, of 14 November Every worker is entitled to enjoy an annual leave with a duration in between 14 to 35 days depending on the seniority of the worker. The hours of work shall not exceed 8 hours per day.

Domestic workers are entitled to enjoy 24 consecutive hours of weekly rest or 2 half days free per week from This Law will considerably change the working conditions of these ly in many aspects, among others, the limits in the weekly hours of work.

Overtime work may be performed in a duration as long as necessary, where a natural disaster or accident, or other similar circumstance that could not have been foreseen by the employer has caused an interruption in business or caused imminent danger of such interruption, or injury to life, health or property.

The provisions of this Act do not apply to civil servants, domestic workers and agricultural workers. Night work refers to work performed between 9 p. By the initiative of the employee, requests referring to changes in the working time shall be considered, by the employer insofar as possible. Please contact us if you have updated information.


If a pregnant employee or nursing mother performs tasks that pose a risk to her life or health, or the life or health of her child, the employer shall offer her to conclude an agreement assigning her to the performance of other appropriate tasks, which shall replace the relevant provisions of her employment contract for a specific period of time.

The enjoyment of rest periods lry constitutional status in all the territory of the Republic.

The daily hours can be extended to 9 hours, provided the average weekly working time does not exceed 50 hours and the additional hour is paid at the overtime rate. If there is no agreement stipulating anything else, overtime will be compensated with equivalent rest periods within hte following four months the overtime was worked.

Substantial changes in the working conditions of the employees can be made unilaterally, at the initiative of the employer, lry justified on economic, technical, organizational or production grounds. Please contact us if you have updated information.

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Where hours of night work are combined with hours performed during day time, the limit of working hours shall be proportionally reduced by 8 minutes for every hour of night work. The enjoyment of paid annual leave has constitutional status leh all the territory of the Republic. Night workers cannot perform more than 7 hours of work per night. In general weekly rest shall be taken on Sunday and Saturday from 2630 48 hour limit does not apply to agricultural workers.

This prohibition does not apply if the application of the conditions is justified on reasonable grounds. Rest breaks after 5 hours consecutive work It is not permitted to employ young workers years old in night work, comprising the period between 20h and 06 of the follwing day. ILO is a specialized ely of the United Nations. Overtime work is prohibited for part-time workers except for emergency situations. Public holidays will be remunerated.

No weekly limit applies for domestic workers.

Argentina – Working time – 2011

Lfy is not permitted to employ young workers years old more than 6 hours per day. Emergency overtime In that case, emergency overtime may be performed up to a limit of 48 hours from the commencement of the working activity or longer, under the authorisation of the Swedish Work Environment Authority. Employees shall be provided with at least 36 consecutive hours of weekly rest. An employee has the right to take annual leave in two portions, unless otherwise agreed with the employer.


The hours of work in any indiviudal week must not exceed 56 hours.

Every worker is entitled to an uninterrupted weekly rest of 36 hours. Young workers are entitled to enjoy at least 15 days annual leave. The worker may claim his entitlement as from the first working day of the following week, after giving formal notice of his intention to do so at least in 24 hours in advance. Unless otherwise specified in a separate law, exemptions from the implementation of provisions relating to the length of night work, daily rest periods and weekly rest periods, may be determined by a collective agreement to adult employees, in the following cases: On-call time may be scheduled by the employer where the nature of the work so demands.

Domestic worker is the worker who render services of domestic nature for a household, male or female,non profitable for the employer, with a duration longer than one month, with minimum 4 hours day work and 4 days a week with the same employer, with no parental relation, and not hired for medical care or driving. It is not permitted to employ young workers years old more than 36 hours per week.