Locution, Illocution, and Perlocution – Frederik Droste – Term Paper – English Language and Literature Studies – Linguistics – Publish your bachelor’s or master’s. Locutionary, Illocutionary, and Perlocutionary On any occasion, the action performed by producing an utterance will consist of three related acts. According to Austin () in his speech acts theory, there are three actions related to speech acts. The first act is locutionary act which is the.

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English Language locutin Literature Studies – Linguistics. The following seminar paper deals with John L. Because of the fact that the introduced perlocution is based on the illocution and locution, I will start analyzing the latter in order to maintain this stream of logic.

Furthermore, problems this approach brings along will be explained and several everyday-life examples will support perlcoution arguments. Austin was born in March and died in He was a well-known British language philosopher although being comparatively young.

During his lifetime, the lectures he held at the University of Oxford had not been published yet. As a result, he has become even more famous after his death at the age of 48 cf. Austin would certainly have used a more sophisticated way of writing which does not simply recasts the content word by word, illoution he had published his lectures himself cf. Nevertheless, the book is, even several decades after the lectures took place, still essential and frequently evident in research concerning speech perloution theory.

Speech Act Theory

Nevertheless, by subdividing utterances into constative, which includes sentences being either true or false, and performative sentences, in which a certain act takes place, Austin demonstrates that speakers perform acts when they say something.


At this level of research, the strict distinction between words and acts is, according to Austin, no longer useful. Thus, the classical subdivision of speech acts into locution, illocution and perlocution form the major aspects of the final four lectures, in which the main problematical question is not any longer, whether an utterance means performing something or not. Hereby, Austin cuts utterances into three pieces — locution, illocution and perlocution. At this level of analysis we are interested in the denotative meaning, not in connotations.

Austin subdivides the locutionary act further into three acts:. As one can see in the example above, these three acts, which form the locutionary act as a whole, are in most cases uttered simultaneously and cannot be regarded as isolated acts. The subdivision into these three acts though gives us the possibility to outline the function of the use of words when we want to highlight the metalinguistic features of an utterance.

This applies mainly in requests of repeating an utterance. Speakers do not only utter statements in order to having said them. With the help of the words, they want to promise, warn, criticize, regretetc. This will be illustrated by reference to the following example:.

oocution The illocutionary force in this case could be that somebody performs the act of warning a person. Sometimes, different locutions are uttered in order to perform the illocutionary force. There are many factors influencing the way the locution is actually uttered, such as the social distance between speaker and hearer, the urgency illocjtion the illocution, the place and so on but the analysis of these factors would go beyond the constraints of this essay.

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Conversely, illocutions are variable to the proposition of the locution depending on the context as well cf. Austin puts this phenomenon of illocutionary force into a formula: To illustrate it, he gives the example: The remaining question at this stage perlocutkon analysis is now how a hearer recognizes, which illocutionary force is uttered by a certain locution. English – Pedagogy, Didactics, Literature Studies.


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There are three factors in a verbal communication: Locution. Illocution, and Perlocution.

Table of Contents 1. Way of Proceeding 2.

Conclusion Works Cited 1. Way of Proceeding The following seminar paper deals with John L. Austin subdivides the locutionary act further into three acts: Illocution Speakers do not only utter statements in order to having said them.

This will be illustrated by reference to the following example: The Relation between direct and ilolcution illocutions of an utterance.

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