The Lyran Commonwealth was founded in through the merger of three. House Steiner (The Lyran Commonwealth) provides an overview of the history. The Lyran Alliance Armed Forces, also known by the unfortunate acronym of LAAF, is the military arm of the Lyran Alliance. Formed from Armed Forces of the .

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Un-covered communications to 8th Arcturan Guards on Here instructs commander to investigate pirate activity drop.

The Lyran Commonwealth has never been regarded as a military power, but it remains a political and economic force to be reckoned with. This article is a stub. Founded when Arcturus was still was the capital of the Lyran Commonwealth, the Guards fought in almost every major campaign in which the Commonwealth was ever involved. Substituting a double for Joshua.

Lyran Alliance | MechWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Once the war began, she took allianxe command of her troops and personally led them against Rim Worlds Republic forces. First rising to prominence during the early days of the Clan invasion, Adam hails from a distant branch of the Steiner dynasty and called the far-off world of Somerset home.

With the imminent graduation of Archon-Prince-designate Victor Steiner-Davion, rumors circle concerning his posting.

Sign In Don’t have an account? Unfortunately for them, the Word of Blake was out for revenge and sent a Shadow Division after them.

Guns blazing, they stormed the remainders of the Triad and obliterated any and all Blakist units that got in their way. During the long history of House Steiner many interesting and unique individuals have made the Lyran Alliance what it is today. Work, trade and profit are the central concerns of most Lyrans, who have grown accustomed to high standards of living. The Lyran Alliance is a fictional state in the BattleTech universe.


Inner Sphere Medium ‘Mechs. The campaign was successful, Tharkad was free again, and the Twentieth sent to Atocongo to rest and regenerate. The liberation of Hesperus resulted in immense damage, and spoiler attacks by the fleeing Blakist forces only exacerbated the situation, levying an economic toll. Each House and faction has unique industrial aspects which results in some having greater access to different equipment than others.

Inner Sphere Light ‘Mechs. To support its policies and goals, the Lyran Alliance relies on a network of corporations to manufacture everything from consumer goods to computer equipment to military hardware. Primed by anti-Victor rumors and the upheaval of recent years, most Lyran citizens welcomed the break.

This, along with the fact that its territory includes some of the Inner Sphere ‘s richest and most heavily industrialized worlds, made the Lyran realm an economic superpower almost since its inception.

Lyran Commonwealth Armed Forces – BattleTechWiki

Navigation lyrran Namespaces Page Discussion. No other major corporation in the Alliance has as many questions as Coventry Metal Works. Attacks on Hesperus II have damaged parts of the massive complex of factories there, even shutting down entire lines, but never has it been under enemy control.

The Lyrans tend to be defensive and have good access to heavier ‘ Mechsin particular assaults. The Donegal Guards, like no other alliancr of the Steiner military, stand for loyalty to the Archon.

Only those loyal to the state could hope to find a place in their ranks. Below are just a few of the industrial leaders that create the infrastructure of Lyran society. As a result of this war, her economically powerful realm became joined to the military might of the Davions and the Federated Commonwealth reshaped the map.

The Seventh Donegal took part in the very successful attack on Coventry to liberate the world from the Word of Blake. Retrieved from ” http: Inner Akliance Heavy ‘Mechs.


Lyran Commonwealth Military Ranks

allianfe Formely the Lyran Commonwealth it was created as a result of Kathrine Steiner-Davion using a cluase within the alliance that formed the Federated Commonwealth to break away the lyran part.

The Lyran Commonwealth was ruled for most of its history by House Steiner. The recent occupation of Lyran planets by foreign armies has impacted their sales somewhat, as has cutting off certain markets, but Nashan has managed to ride out the troubled times better than most other ljran. Viola died in the field on the Republic capital world of Apollo, exposing herself to the same risks she asked of every one of her soldiers. The Arcturan Guards have a proud history, and they are as old as the Lyran Commonwealth itself.

Not many Inner Sphere rulers can boast that they were once the subject of an animated propaganda vid series, but Adam Steiner is certainly amongst their number.

Lyran Commonwealth

From MechWarrior Online Luran mechwarrior online, mwo, mech game, mwo wiki, mech online. An enraged Thomas Marik learned of the deception and promptly declared war on the FedCom. This page alkiance last edited on 13 Novemberat Faced with this dilemma, Victor Steiner-Davion made a fateful error in judgment. The strain of this event and others led to the sundering of the Federated Commonwealth, the birth of the Lyran Alliance, and the eruption of the FedCom Civil War.

Spearheading the liberation of Tharkad were the Third Lyran Guards. Melissa gave birth to five children who would grow up to have major impact on the Inner Sphere: