Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man” By: Dr. Ali Shariati, – Ladies and Gentlemen: Tonight, as long as time permits, I would like to. Ali Shariati Mazinani was an Iranian revolutionary and sociologist who focused on the . The civilized man could talk on himself more that universe and the new . Ali Khamenei knew Shariati as a pioneer of Islamic teaching according to the. Man and Islam by Ali Shariati, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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The point is that possession of ail is the greatest characteristic of man and it throws light upon the kinship between man and God. His articles from this period for the Mashhad daily newspaper, Khorasandisplay his developing eclecticism and acquaintance with the ideas of modernist thinkers such as Jamal al-Din al-AfghaniSir Allama Muhammad Iqbal of Pakistan, among Muslims, and Sigmund Freud and Alexis Carrel.

Man and Islam : Ali Shariati :

Shariati’s works were highly influenced by the Third Worldism that he encountered as a student in Paris — ideas that class war and revolution would bring about a just and classless society. Trivia About On the Sociology Arise and Bear Witness — Ali Shariati”. Melalui buku ini aku menangkap kesan kerinduan mendalam Syariati kepada keislamannya, sekaligus upaya pembaruan pendekatan terhadap pemahaman Islam.


Inthe year of Mossadeq’s overthrowhe became a member of the National Front. The fifth lecture in this series deals with Shari’ati addressing the question of the intellectual and shafiati him into three types. He is held as one of the most influential Iranian intellectuals of the 20th century and has been called the ideologue of the Iranian Revolution.

Collin-Abbass rated it really shwriati it Oct 03, Once man was created, God taught him the names.

Not islxm are all men equal, they are brothers. He is the only being that can act contrary to his nature, while no animal or plant is capable of doing so. Shariati then managed to get a scholarship for France, where he continued his graduate studies at the Sorbonne in Paris.

Shariati’s mn were highly influenced by the Third Worldism that he encountered as a student in Paris — ideas that class war and revolution would bring about a just and classless society.

Shariati developed fully novice approach to Shi’ism and interpreted the religion in a revolutionary manner. Shari’ati wa In preparing the way for the unparalleled surge of Islamic revival in Iran, many factors have been at work.

On the Sociology of Islam: Lectures

Khamenei believes that it is unfair that we consider Shariati as someone who firmly disagreed with the Mullahs. Possession of will and freedom creates responsibility. It is impossible to find an animal which can fast for two days.

In Arabic and Hebrew ‘rib’ has an additional meaning which is ‘nature. Ali shariati and the mystical tradition of islam.


Dr. Ali Shariati: Man and Islam: “The free man and freedom of man”

This is the finest language accessible to man and it is superior to expository language which is lucid and straightforward. Therefore, Islam could relate to the modern world as an ideology. But monopoly polarised the human community. This is why languages were symbolic so that future generations, relative to their mental and scientific maturity, could discover new meanings and concepts. In contrary, there is no making in politic.

Man & Islam

Mohamed Alwedaei rated it liked it Sep 18, According to this book, Abu Zarr was the very first socialist. But to be honest, some of the proposals and criticisms can be problematized today. Chinese civilization was worldly first. Return to Book Page. In the human tongue God is the most sacred and exalted being, while mud stands as a symbol of the meanest and the basest thing.

Shariati then went to Tehran where he began lecturing at the Hosseiniye Ershad Institute. Also he denied consensus as a source for understang religion. Hicham rated it liked it Feb 05,